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“Grill from the beginning to the end”… After 2 years, this will become a successful thriller series

Despite its minor critical and public success in the United States, this high-voltage thriller went under the radar upon its VOD release in France, despite winning the Audience Award at the 2022 Deauville American Film Festival.

But the feature film was given a second life when it was posted online on Netflix, and subscriber curiosity meant it became one of the top views on the streaming platform. And the journey of this masterful thriller does not end there as it will become a TV series.

“Emily, a criminal in spite of herself” is becoming a TV series

Deadline We’re told that Lionsgate Television has acquired the rights to the Emily Reluctant crime series. This seemingly unremarkable B-movie, shot in just 20 days, is John Patton Ford’s first feature.

He called Aubrey Plaza, who is known for his sharp humor and comedies, but who shines more in dramatic roles, as evidenced by his role in White Lotus and in this film Emily, a criminal in spite of herself.

She plays down-on-her-luck and debt-ridden Emily, who is reduced to joining a ring of credit card fraudsters. If this scheme changes her life from the beginning, Emily will be gradually plunged into the criminal world of Los Angeles, with all the consequences.

The acting is one of the major merits of the film, which is also based on its clever screenplay, its constant tension and its effective direction. AlloCinĂ© viewers, who gave it a score of 3.2 out of 5, praise the film’s tension like Pierre-QuĂ©-Roll, indicating “Gripping film from beginning to end. Constant tension. Excellent thriller” and Hotinhere, which emphasizes “An engaging and at times very tense social thriller.”

Aubrey Plaza is not reprising her role as Emily, but will produce the series project alongside director John Patton Ford. As of now, the series is only in development and no TV channel or streaming platform has been attached to the project yet.

Emily, A Criminal Despite Herself is available on Netflix if you want to catch up.

Source: Allocine

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