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Juliana Didone sparks controversy with a “poetic” video in the shower about the floods in the RS

The Rio Grande do Sul actress is criticized after performing during a shower to raise public awareness about the heavy rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul

Actress Juliana Didone (of “Malhação” and “Os Dez Mandamentos”) posted a video on Friday (5/10) that quickly became a controversial topic on social media. In it, the actress performs in the shower while she narrates a poem about the devastating floods of Rio Grande do Sul.

Criticism on social media

The content of the video, which aimed to draw attention to the tragedy and encourage donations, ended up being criticized by many followers. They argue that the choice to record in the shower could be interpreted as a waste of water, a scarce resource considered extremely precious for the many people affected by the floods, who are without clean water to drink, much less wash.

Repercussion and defense

Criticism on social media highlighted the insensitivity of Dido’s approach. “Come to think of it, Juliana Didone really thought it was a good idea to turn on the shower, record, edit, slow down, tell and post this hottie,” one user commented. Another added: “In 2004, Juliana Dido charmed Brazil as Letícia from ‘Malhação’. And 20 years later she shames the country with this water-wasting cartoon while the state she seals it with suffers from water shortages .”

The actress did not comment on the criticism she received, but deleted the post.

Source: Terra

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