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‘I felt like her little sister’: Kirsten Dunst has great memories of this iconic film with Brad Pitt, which was released in 1994.

In San Francisco in the 1990s, a young journalist, Daniel Malloy, chats in a room with an elegant, aristocratic-looking and pale man, Louis, who gives him a strange confidence. Meloy, charmed by the seduction of his interlocutor, asks him, at dawn, to bring him into his world. One of the vampires…

For the adults among you, you’ll definitely know the synopsis for the excellent movie Interview with the Vampire. Cast in the guise of its vampire duo Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, the film was a huge success in France with 1.63 million in attendance. And even at the worldwide box office, earning more than $223 million.

If she started her career in 1989 in front of Woody Allen’s camera, a very young Kirsten Dunst, 12 years old, was really revealed by Neil Jordan’s film. She was also chosen from around 5,000 candidates for the role of Claudia, a creature of darkness who is doomed to remain in a child’s body.

Although she said in an interview that she “hated kissing Brad Pitt” at the time of the film’s release, she still retained fond memories of the film. In a recent interview with GQThanks to the promotion of his new film “Civil War”, the actor happily left the important roles of his career. including thatinterview with a Vampire.

“I felt like I was Brady’s little sister”

“The scenes were incredible. The effects and the stunts – everything was done by hand. And then shooting in New Orleans, Paris and London for one performance… The days when you can make films like this are it’s finally over” He comments.

“I was very safe on set” He continues. “I felt like Brady’s little brother and Tom made me feel like a princess. He put a beautiful Christmas tree in my wardrobe for Christmas. They both spoiled me so much it was absolutely lovely.”

protective mother

Due to the nature of the film and especially considering his young age, his mother prevented him from watching the film. “I don’t think I’ve seen everything.” He recalls. “I was sitting next to my mother and she covered me with a lot of movies!

When I think about that movie… Oh my god, we were literally vampires. We stayed only at night. We shot at night – exclusively. It was weird getting up at three in the afternoon and doing homework before going to work!”

Source: Allocine

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