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The 7 worst mothers in TV series

From Two and a Half Men’s Evelyn Harper to Tony Soprano’s mother Livia, here are some of the worst mothers on TV

Although motherhood is almost always associated with love and affection, there are some famous TV moms who contradict this statement. These are stock characters who brought true terror into their children’s lives and proved that, for every rule, there is an exception.

Of the unnatural Cersei Lannister by game of Throneswho only thought of having more power, passing through the deceptive Dee Dee Blanchard of The act or even the complex Bates norm of Bates Motel, these characters showed a dark side of motherhood, where they purposely abandoned or inflicted some harm on their children. In some cases your problem is actually loving too much, in a suffocating and extremely toxic way.

The Bates Motel Norma Bates compound, with her son Norman (Image: Disclosure/A&E)

To remember some of these terrible women, the Canaltech draw up a list of the worst mothers in TV series, those who still give shivers today for everything they did to their children.

7. Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Many might even think that Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) is a mother who deeply loves her children, but the truth is that the Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, a true narcissist, has always been rather careless when it comes to motherhood. Besides having three children from an incestuous relationship with her brother, she only saw them as a way to gain more power.

Cersei Lannister was only interested in knowing how her children could help her achieve her goals (Image: Disclosure/HBO)

It’s no surprise that Joffrey became a horrible person, raised with completely wrong views of the world, Myrcella was always neglected and Tommen mistreated. In fact, her mother never bothered to train her firstborn to ascend the throne and she never let it be hidden that she despised her youngest because he was not like her older brother.

6. Livia Soprano (Sopranos)

There’s another level of cruelty in a woman ordering her own child killed, isn’t there? Livia Soprano (Nancy Marchand) is one of those TV moms who has always looked terrible in the public eye, having physically, mentally and emotionally abused Tony, Janice and Barbara since they were little.

Livia Soprano had planned to kill her son, Tony (Image: Disclosure/HBO)

As she ages, however, she uses her age and status to be a particularly cruel person towards Tony, going so far as to convince Uncle Junior to have him killed when his son decides to move her into a high-end nursing home. Even if the attempt fails, Livia continues to be a shadow in the mobster’s life, always manipulating Tony and the other family members.

5. Dee Dee Blanchard (The Act)

Based on a real person, which makes it even scarier, the character Dee Dee Blanchard (Patricia Arquette) from The act is by far one of the greatest examples of the worst mothers on TV. In her seemingly affectionate and maternal way, Dee Dee invented a non-existent illness for her daughter, shaved her head to corroborate her story, and drugged her for years so that she would always be weak.

Dee Dee tried to fool everyone by saying her daughter was sick (Image: Disclosure/Hulu)

Besides lying to everyone around her and keeping the girl in a wheelchair, she stole precious years of her childhood and adolescence and made a lot of money from the notoriety she attracted with this whole story. The victim of a tragic outcome, however, the truth about her hoax only came to light after her death and Gypsy’s arrest for murder.

4. Evelyn Harper (Two and a Half Men)

Who remembers the nonsense uttered by Evelyn Harper (Holland Taylor), Charlie and Allan’s mother in Two men and a half? The woman, nicknamed “the devil” by her own children, was a great swindler, interested only in money, parties and good looks. Which explains why Charlie and Allan grew up “complexed” in different ways.

Evelyn Harper was a completely narcissistic real estate agent (Image: Disclosure/CBS)

The characters were already used to their mother’s acerbic comments and the fact that she didn’t even care about her nephew, Jake. However, Evelyn managed to overcome herself after the protagonist’s death, even attempting to sell her son’s house during her funeral.

3. Selina Meyer (Veep)

If Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was a shrewd politician who did everything to achieve her goal of becoming president of the USA, her skills as a mother, however, left much to be desired. The despicable way he treated Catherine, her daughter whom she used only to garner votes and convey the image of a happy family, was appalling and left deep scars on her girl.

US Vice President Selina Meyer only cared about her career in politics (Image: Disclosure/HBO)

To give you an idea, the protagonist even gave a name to her grandson without the consent of her daughter or son-in-law, exploited Catherine’s marriage to Marjorie to escape the custody of the Norwegian embassy and, later, also attempted to end same-sex marriage just to garner votes for his campaign.

2. Betty Draper (Mad Men)

Who certainly never won the mother of the year award was Betty Draper (January Jones) who visibly didn’t love, wasn’t ready or didn’t want to have children. Cold and distant from her children, she was unable to maintain any kind of bond with her children, always caring more about keeping up appearances than how they felt.

Betty Draper was a mother who only cared about appearances (Image: Disclosure/AMC)

In addition to treating Bobby and Sally as accessories, always threatening and intimidating them, Betty proved to be very immature and irresponsible, even risking the lives of the children to prove that she was right towards her husband and developing a very disturbing feeling of competition. with her husband.

1. Norma Bates (Bates Motel)

Another person who cannot be excluded from this list is Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga), the complex, terrifying and manipulative character of Bates Motel. Mother of Norman Bates, who gradually transforms into the unbalanced and murderous man we know Psychosisshe and her son live in a suffocating relationship of extreme dependence, in which one almost becomes an extension of the other.

Norma Bates was in a completely dependent and strange relationship with her son Norman (Image: Disclosure/A&E)

Immersed in a pathological protective relationship, they form an almost incestuous bond after the death of Norma’s husband. To give you an idea, they sleep together in the same bed, even though Norman is already 17 years old, they are jealous of each other’s relationships and live in constant voyeurism, observing their bodies.

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