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The Magnificent and the Moving: Rated 4.1 out of 5, this is Lea Drucker’s best movie

Lea Drucker currently stars in A Man on the Run, sharing an account with Bastien Bouillon. The feature film, released in theaters on May 8, takes us to Rochebrune on the brink of chaos. John, the leader of the town’s protest movement, goes missing after robbing a van.

When Paul Ligre hears the news, he returns to the town where he grew up to find his childhood friend facing the police. However, Anna Werner’s investigation inevitably leads her to a mystery that brings Paul and Johnny together.

On the day of the theatrical release of this Baptiste Debro thriller, we take a look at Lea Drucker’s filmography to find her best film. To find it, you have to take a small leap in time to 2018. That year saw the release of Until the Guard, a work by Xavier Legrand.

The story follows the Besson couple in the midst of a divorce. To protect her son from the father she accuses of abuse, Miriam (Lea Drucker) files for sole custody. The judge in charge of the case grants joint custody to the father (Dennis Menoche), whom he considers abusive. Julien, held hostage between his parents, will do everything to prevent the worst from happening.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 (5965 average ratings), this is the best movie starring Lea Drucker. The latter was awarded a caesarean section for performance in 2019. The vast majority of viewers rated it 4 to 5 stars.

What do viewers think?

“We are paralyzed when we see such fair, sober actors, in a highly complex composition (Lea Drucker and Denis Menochet), take us to a sensitive and delicate subject, the result of which is sometimes dramatic.” A powerful film, kind of frozen and scary. An authentic testimony with a clear impact that we can only be shocked, overwhelmed and for a long time!”Credited to BenoitG80.

According to Angelo F. “This film is so stunning that it hits your brain and turns out to be right. A real hit; you leave the theater completely stunned and excited.” Laure D explains that “It took a big slap, it was a powerful moment full of emotions, you will not leave indifferent.”

Leah Drucker

The best of French cinema?

for argol “The direction of the actors is extremely precise and the performers have a dramatic power that impresses. Most disturbing is the little boy who plays Julien, the child who finds himself at the center of the turmoil. C “is the best. French cinema, elegant, powerful, universal”.

According to Madmartigan, To the hilt is a “An excellent film. The script is flawless. The cast is great, including all the supporting roles, which is very rare. Perfect cinematic form for a first feature. There is no uncertainty about each person’s roles for a very delicate subject. In the first scene, the film makes us the judge and the tension builds steadily.”

A modern masterpiece?

Carlos Stins also won: “Ultimately, there is not much to say about The Guard, because the film is perfect and even resembles a modern masterpiece. Xavier Legrand’s direction is absolutely magnificent, the young filmmaker manages to create an unhealthy atmosphere from the first moments that never fades. The shot counts and helps to illustrate the intelligence of the script.

If you haven’t seen Up to the Guard yet, the film is available on Blu-ray/DVD and VOD!

Source: Allocine

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