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“I notice everything, it’s a form of healing”: Rebecca explains the biggest challenges in raising her daughter Morena, from Generation Alpha

Singer Rebecca is mother to six-year-old Morena and closely follows the girl’s use of technology. “She knows how to use a cell phone better than any other adult,” she tells Purepeople.

Singer Rebecca is one of the main names in Brazilian funk today and is successful on social media. But in his homeland the artist remains behind in terms of technology: 25 years old and mother of Morena, 6, he said Pure people more details on his relationship with the heiress and technological devices.

Morena belongs to the Alpha Generation, that is, those born since 2010. «It’s curious because when I look at Morena I see that she can understand everything. She knows how to use a cell phone better than any other adult in the world. family is immersed in this, even if we try to keep our distance,” says the artist.

“A form of healing,” Rebecca says of monitoring her daughter’s social media use

According to Rebecca, the key word between her and Morena is about Using social media is about balance. Also with an intense routine due to fame, the singer regulates access to networks, but also gives Morena the freedom to interact and do what she likes on the Internet. “I notice everything and when I’m not here there are people who also do this observation work. This is a form of healing,” she says.

Furthermore, the funk singer takes advantage of the moments with her daughter to do use of applications, such as Tiktok. Just like her mother, Morena Shows a taste for dance and always follows the choreography taught by influencers. “I’m a Tiktoker mom and I dance with her whenever I can. We record together, we adjust the steps and everything becomes a big game,” admits Rebecca.

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