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7 films to watch with your mother for Mother’s Day

From Red: Growing Up to Heartbeat, see a selection of 7 films to watch with your mom for Mother’s Day

Despite knowing that every day is Mother’s Day, it was agreed to adopt the second Sunday of May as the date to celebrate the maternal figures present in our lives. A party which, in addition to very welcome gifts, freebies and souvenirs, is also important for spending quality time with those who love us unconditionally.

With this in mind, the Canaltech Put together a list of inspiring feature films to watch this Mother’s Day. Films that show different types of relationships between mother and child, but which also talk about families, dreams, helping others and setting an example.

In the Rhythm of the Heart is a delicate film about family relationships (Image: Disclosure/Apple TV+)

Among the titles there is, for example, the Oscar award, In the rhythm of the heart, which tells the story of a young woman who dreams of making a living from music, but needs to help her deaf family when their fishing business is threatened. Plus there’s also the very fun part My mother is a piecethe first of a highly successful Brazilian trilogy with Paulo Gustavo.

That, not to mention colorful and charming Wonka or moving Little Miss Sunshine, the latter a comedy drama featuring a very interesting dysfunctional family. Check out these and other must-see titles below to get you and your mom excited this Mother’s Day.

7. Moxie: When girls fight

Adaptation of the book of the same name written by Jennifer Mathieu, Moxie: When girls fight is a comedy-drama film released in 2021. Also directed by and starring Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation), who plays the protagonist’s mother, the film tells the story of Vivian, a 16-year-old girl tired of silently accepting the misogyny that surrounds her.


Influenced by a case of molestation she witnessed and by her mother’s past, a once “rebel” young woman who wanted to overthrow the patriarchy, decides to start a mobilization in her own school, creating a zine called Moxie with sexist denunciations. Vibrant and inspiring, the title features Hadley Robinson (Rowing for gold) in his main role.

Moxie: When girls fight can be seen inside Netflix.

6. My mother is a piece

One of the most successful Brazilian films of all time, My mother is a piece is a national comedy feature film directed by André Pellenz (DPA – The film). Written and performed by Paulo Gustavo (My life on Mars), is based on the play previously staged by the comedian, a show inspired, in turn, by the stories lived by his mother, Dona Deia.


The plot follows in the footsteps of Dona Hermínia, a middle-aged, divorced and rather domineering housewife, who always picks on her children, Marcelina and Juliano. One day, Hermínia discovers that her children think she is annoying and, shocked by her information, she decides to leave the house without telling anyone, leaving everyone worried.

My mother is a piece It is part of the Netflix and Globoplay catalogue.

5. Red: Growing up is a beast

Pixar animation, Red: Growing up is a beast is a fantasy, comedy and drama film directed by Domee Shi: the first of the company, in fact, directed exclusively by a woman. Set in 2002, it tells the story of Mei Lee, a 13-year-old girl, who experiences the conflicts typical of this stage of life as she tries to please her strict and overprotective mother.


Everything changes, however, when the protagonist begins to transform into a red panda every time she feels strong emotions. An uncontrollable “ability” that she ends up having to reveal to her parents and which she makes them discover is linked to her ancestors. From that moment on, Mei finds herself immersed in the lives of her mother, aunts and grandparents, even experiencing the proximity of her favorite boy band’s concert.

Red: Growing up is a beast is available on Netflix.

4. Dumplings


Based on the novel of the same name by Julie Muphy, dumpling is a 2020 comedy-drama film directed by Anne Fletcher. With Danielle Macdonald (The tourist) and Jennifer Aniston (Friends), the production talks about maternal relationships, acceptance and empowerment, all wrapped up in a fun and inspiring story.

The plot, set in a small town in Texas, tells the story of Willowdean, a young overweight woman who has a lot of confidence in her body, despite the origins of her mother, a former young lady who still organizes beauty pageants.

One day, however, tired of all the aesthetic pressure that surrounds her, Will decides to protest by enrolling in her city’s beauty contest. An attitude that encourages other competitors.

dumpling can be seen on Netflix.

3. At the rhythm of the heart

Winner of three Oscars, including Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Troy Kotsur) and Best Adapted Screenplay. In the rhythm of the heart is a drama film written and directed by Sian Heder (Tallulah). Released in 2021, it is the remake of a Franco-Belgian film, which features a cast of deaf actors to play the deaf characters in the plot.


Set in a coastal town in Massachusetts, it follows in the footsteps of Ruby Rossi, a 16-year-old girl, the only hearing person in a deaf family. Passionate about singing, she is encouraged by her teacher to try a private music school, but she finds herself torn between following her dream or continuing to help her family, who work in fishing and need her support in her activities.

In the rhythm of the heart is available on Amazon First Video.

2. Wonka

Fantasy film released in 2023, Wonka is a prequel to The fantastic chocolate factory, a musical about the origins of famous chocolatier Willy Wonka. Directed by Paolo King (The Adventures of Paddington) and starring Timothée Chalamet (Dune), which gives life to an even more colorful and innocent version of the title character, the feature film features the participation of Hugh Grant (A place called Notting Hill), like the first Oompa Loompa.


With a breathtaking look, the feature film tells the story of Wonka, magician, inventor and chocolatier, who dreams of opening a chocolate shop in the Galerias Gourmet. With his delicious and magical desserts he wins the first customers, but attracts the attention of a cartel of businessmen in the city, who are afraid of the competition and want to see him far away.

Wonka It is part of the Max catalogue.

1. Little Miss Sunshine

Very original road movie, Little Miss Sunshine is a tragicomic film directed by Jonathan Dayton (The war of the sexes). Nominated for four Oscars, including best film, it tells the story of a dysfunctional family, made up of a housewife and a coach, her two children – a little girl and a teenager in crisis -, a depressed uncle and a man foul-mouthed. . grampa.


The story begins when Olive, the youngest of the family, who has always dreamed of becoming Miss, discovers that she has qualified for a beauty pageant, Little Miss Sunshine. News that leads all the family members to embark on a journey full of twists and turns towards California to make the girl’s dream come true.

Little Miss Sunshine can be seen on Star+.

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