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My Little Reindeer in Real Life: This actor had a similar experience as the hero

A month and a half ago, subscribers of the popular Netflix platform feverishly followed the unfortunate adventures of Donnie Dunn, a bartender who was a victim of Martha’s incessant harassment in the series My Little Deer.

Inspired by a true story lived by its creator (and main actor) Richard Gadd, this series, which was especially noticed by the audience, recently found another echo with reality: a few days ago, the actress Miranda Cosgrove (especially known for playing the role of the heroine. Series iCarly ) talked about the terrible injury he himself experienced 8 years ago.

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talked to bustThe actor thus recalled my experience as a little deer (at least that’s what the magazine presents us with). Indeed, in 2016, a man who was harassing her set himself on fire in the actor’s garden before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He later shot a young woman near the property, believing her to be an actress.

“This is another reason that pushes me to return to my parents often”– explained Miranda Cosgrove bust.

“I don’t really feel safe in this house for the next two years , I didn’t really stay there. Then I got into a relationship and because my partner was with me, I felt less fear. But I really don’t like being here alone.”

When asked about the Netflix series, the actor said he enjoyed discovering it without recalling his own experience:

“I didn’t think much of it.”he explained.

“I think if it were me, I’d have to go through your worst experiences and then try to play them It must be very difficult.”

(Re)discover the trailer for ‘iCarly’…

Source: Allocine

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