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HPI: We know when the series will end on TF1… and it’s soon!

After a year of waiting, HPI fans are getting ready to finally find Morgan Alvaro on TF1. In fact, Channel One will begin broadcasting the new fourth season of the phenomenal series on Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 9:10 PM! An event not to be missed for millions of addicts investigating the colorful character played by Audrey Fleurot.

No season 6 for ‘HPI’

But before that eight-episode leak has yet to be revealed, the latter has already hinted at the inevitable end of the fiction… Unfortunately, the adventures of Morgan and Karadek (played by Mehdi Nebibu) are likely to end long before we do. He wouldn’t believe it!

In an interview with our sisters and brothers at Télé Poche, Audrey Fleuro spoke about HPI’s shutdown, noting: “The fifth season will be the lastThis disappointing statement to the public follows the previous statements of the actor collected during the Seria Mania 2024 festival, where he explained in a press conference:I am of the opinion that we should not bore the audience and extend the season too much.

“We want it to end well”

Mehdi Nebibu, the star’s favorite on-screen playing partner, also spoke on the subject and agreed with his colleague: “This is what Audrey and I want. We want it to end at the top, with imagination and fantasy, rather than getting diluted over time..”

It would be a shame for a unique series that makes us so happy and that makes us happy. Even ending with madness would be classy“, – evaluates the one who slips into the shoes of the potential father of Morgan’s child.

However, does the end of HPI on TF1 necessarily mean a final goodbye? Audrey Fleurot is already giving fans hope for a possible sequel! A key stakeholder revealed to Series Mania: “When the series ends, it is not excluded that we will occasionally return to the 90-minute format or maybe to the cinema.“A good consolation prize?

The fourth season of HPI anyway starts on Thursday 16th May at 9.10pm on TF1.

Source: Allocine

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