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57 years old and 5 action films: after Stallone, this Frenchman will shoot Jason Statham in the cinema!

After casting Mel Gibson in Blood Father, Gerard Butler in Mayday, and while waiting for Stallone in Cliffhanger 2, Jean-Francois Richet has to add another Hollywood big mouth to his list: Jason Statham!

Lionsgate announced this via a press release Soon. The feature film will be titled Mutiny. Jason Statham will play a character named Cole Reed. After his owner is murdered in front of him, he is wrongly accused of the crime. On the run, Reed will try to uncover an international conspiracy.

Jason Statham is going to hit hard again!

The shooting of the film is expected to begin in September. Jason Statham is one of the most energetic action stars in the world, and we look forward to his return with Jean-Francois Richet and the production team at MadRiver, with whom we previously worked on Mayday. We look forward to rediscovering that creative energy to bring Rebellion to life.”said Lauren Bixby, Lionsgate Studios.

Jean-Francois Richet, the director of Mesrin’s Diptych, has already made several action films in the United States: Assault on Central 13 in 2005. blood father in 2016 and later in 2023. Before embarking on the Mutiny project in September, the 57-year-old director is due to shoot Cliffhanger 2 this summer in Germany alongside Sylvester Stallone.

Thus, the latter will again embody the iconic role of mountaineer Gabe Walker. Gabby, the manager of the mining lodge, is enjoying a well-deserved retirement in the Italian mountains. This retreat is interrupted by hostages who seize him and his clients. Gabby’s daughter will help her father in climbing.

complete freedom

If Jean-Francois currently supports his career in the United States, it is because of the artistic freedom he enjoys there: “I had complete freedom. I have more freedom there than in France. Here, to get funding, you have to go through: you have a quota for this, so you think… “Hey, go. I only!’He announced on our microphone in January 2023 about Maidi.

Once we agree on the film and the script, they see the rush for a few days and then if it’s good for them, it’s good. You don’t have to go to Hollywood with the desire to revolutionize everything sometimes, some French directors who have destroyed. With this system, he had the pretense of a revolution.

Meanwhile, you can find Jason Statham in The Beekeeper on Prime Video on May 17.

Source: Allocine

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