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Luciano describes in detail the brawl that led to the expulsion of Fernando Diniz

The striker, who played with the coach at Fluminense and in San Paolo itself, says that the coach insulted him during a gesture on the sideline

San Paolo defeated Fluminense 2-1, this Monday (13th), at Morumbis, in the sixth round of the Brazilian championship. The match, however, had great confusion at the end of the first half. As a result, after arguing with Luciano at the end of the first half, coach Fernando Diniz left the Morumbi pitch, stating that for him the relationship with the striker was “over”. After the match, Luciano commented on the incident:

“Diniz arrived and, out of nowhere, started insulting me. I asked him to stop, but he continued. Then he said that our friendship was over. If he thinks like that, then it’s over for me too,” she said. Luciano said to the program. “Boleiragem”, from Sportv.

The argument started when defender Manoel felt pain, threw the ball and asked for help. Luciano tried to quickly charge the full-back, which irritated Diniz, who was the player’s coach at Fluminense and San Paolo until 2021.

“I would never insult him on the sidelines. He must understand that he is no longer my coach. He is a leader and he cannot do that,” added Luciano. The hanging striker received a yellow card for confusion and will not play against Cruzeiro next week. Diniz was sent off.

Arboleda believes in Luciano’s reconciliation with Diniz

In the lip reading you can see Diniz telling Luciano: “You’re finished for me.” Another phrase from the coach was: “Are you expelling me because I told you to take the **? Everyone tells everyone to take the **, Daronco”.

Scorer of San Paolo’s winning goal, defender Arboleda asked Luciano and Diniz to reconcile: “It’s like a fight between father and son, then they resolve themselves. Only they know the relationship they have.”

Luciano eventually softened his speech and left in the air that a reconciliation might happen after all.

“Everyone defends their own dish, their own daily bread. When I enter the field, it doesn’t matter who the opponent is, I will always fight for the shield I defend. What happens on the field, stays on the field. It’s already been 30 years, I have It’s been a long time. I’m going home to see my wife and I’m sure she will fight me,” he concluded.

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