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Planet of the Apes at the US Box Office: A Successful Start of a New Kingdom?

At the US box office from May 10 to 12, 2024

1 – Planet of the Apes – The New Kingdom: $56,500,000 (New)

2 – Fall Boy: $13,700,000 (cumulative: $49,696,920)

3 – Challengers: $4,684,276 (cumulative: $38,073,862)

4 – Les Cartes du Mal: ​​$3,450,000 (cumulative: $12,015,419)

5 – Godzilla x Kong: $2,525,000 (cumulative: $191,820,543)

6 – Unsung Hero: $2,250,000 (Cumulative: $16,785,702)

7 – Kung Fu Panda 4: $2,000,000 (cumulative: $191,172,075)

8 – Civil War: $1,804,642 (cumulative: $65,214,841)

9 – Star Wars Episode I: $1,500,000 (cumulative: $12,074,869)

10 – Abigail: $1,100,000 (Cumulative: $24,752,500)

to remember

Supremacy of the Planet of the Apes continues. Seven years after we thought it was over with the reboot of the saga in 2011, New Kingdom It proved that it’s still popular in theaters, signing the franchise’s second-best start, according to estimates released on Sunday, May 12.

Adjusted figures may have lost ground, but the Wes Ball-directed film dominated the US box office in its first weekend of release. and shot down autumn boywhich fell to second place with a 50% drop in revenue from its debut, despite a slightly higher number of screens.

That’s enough to make the task even more difficult for this adaptation of The Man Who Falls Right, directed by Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt and with a production budget of $125 million. Because David Leitch’s film seems well on its way to not being the success we’ve come to expect following Steven Spielberg’s praise.

third this week challengers remains stable (as Evil cards, one thread down). And, if it’s going to be hard for him to recoup his production budget (55 million) on American soil, he’s doing pretty well in this drama that combines tennis and a love triangle, rated R (not recommended for ages 17, unaccompanied). United States. Zendaya’s popularity undoubtedly plays a role, but the performance remains noteworthy.

Just like him Godzilla x Kong Which, at first glance, is nothing, is playing in American and international theaters. Although it should pass the milestone of $200 million in the Atlantic (that is, double that of its predecessor, albeit crippled by Covid in 2021), the mark of 600 is possible on a global scale, which is why few would bet at the time. its release.

in the same genre Kung Fu Panda 4 Proves two things: the franchise isn’t out of the game yet, and we’ll always have to wait for the animated movie before deciding. The opus has grossed $191 million in the United States to date, making it Saga’s second-biggest hit (Knowing The Leader, the first episode, ended in 215). And has just surpassed its predecessor’s world ranking, even if it is difficult to gain another place in this regard.

Finally, note that despite the huge drop in revenue (-82.8% from the previous weekend), the release Star Wars Episode I Remains in the top 10 with $1.5 million more. If necessary to prove that the Force is still in the intergalactic franchise.

Figures: Box-Office Mojo

Source: Allocine

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