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When will Heartstopper Season 3 premiere?

Find out the Heartstopper Season 3 premiere date and the new faces joining the series’ cast

Good news for Alice Oseman fans. This Monday (13th), the Netflix has revealed the long-awaited premiere date for the third season of Heartstopper. The new season of the teen phenomenon arrives October 3 onwards streamingthe date when its eight episodes will be available simultaneously on the platform.

In addition to the announcement, the service also released an unpublished scene from the new season, which shows Charlie undecided whether or not to tell Nick that he loves him. In a conversation with his sister, he confesses that he doesn’t want his boyfriend to feel obligated to respond the same way if he comes out. A confession that has everything to become one of the main dilemmas of this new year.

The video of just over a minute also features an exclusive excerpt from Birds of a feathersong from Billie Eilish’s upcoming album, Hit me hard and soft. The song appears in the background of the entire scene, but gains prominence when Charlie and Nick meet and exchange affection.


Season 3 of Heartstopper is coming

Based on the comics by writer and illustrator Alice Oseman, Heartstopper tells the story of Charlie and Nick, two boys who discover the happiness of their first requited love and the difficulties of embracing their true sexuality.

In the show’s second season, which released in August 2023, the kids went on a very emotional trip with their school to Paris, but they also found themselves facing heavy conflicts in their relationship.

One of the most notable, marking the end of second year, is when Nick discovers that Charlie has suffered serious injuries since being bullied at school, even mutilating himself and having difficulty eating. Mental problems that promise to flow into the new season, but which also mark a new level of complicity and support among the kids.

Charlie and Nick visited Paris in the second season of the series (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

Furthermore, in this new season, the other couples in the series will also have to experience ups and downs in their relationship, at the same time as the pressure of starting to think about college choices takes everyone by surprise, raising various indecisions and questions.

According to Oseman, who is also the creator and writer of the series, however Heartstopper always celebrating joy and aiming for hope, he is very excited for the tone of the series to mature as its characters grow.

“Nick, Charlie, and the Heartstopper teenagers are growing older, learning more about themselves and others, and experiencing new desires, new fears, and new joys as they approach adulthood,” the cartoonist explained.

The cast of the series acquires new faces

Besides Joe Locke (Agate), Kit Connor (Rocket man) and all the other faces already known from previous seasons, year 3 of Heartstopper will also present the actor Eddie Marsan (Ray Donovan), who will play Geoff, Charlie’s wise therapist; Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), who will play Diane, Nick’s aunt; and Jonathan Bailey (Bridgerton), who will make a cameo as Jack Maddox, a celebrity Charlie has a crush on.

New faces from Heartstopper season 3 (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

To complete the cast, the series also sees the addition of actor Darragh Hand, who will play the character of Michael Holden. Protagonist of Alice Oseman’s first novel, Solitaryand also a member of the crew of Heartstopper In the comics, Holden is the love interest of Tori, Charlie’s sister, and an optimistic, rather peculiar and eccentric boy, who promises to be a key part of the next episodes.

The third season of Heartstopper will debut October 3 on Netflix.

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