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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Patrick Guerino (Etienne) Reveals Reasons for Leaving

The page opens tomorrow belongs to us!

After three years under the Sète sun, Étienne (Patrick Guérinault), Bénédicte (Honorine Magnier) and Dorian (Ryan Huber) will say goodbye to the daily TF1 soap opera in the coming days.

As the Curtis family prepares to pack up, Patrick Guerineau, Etienne Curtis’ interpreter, spoke about the reasons behind the move.

“I leave without any bitterness”

Just three months before filming this final arc, Patrick Guerino learned that the Curtis family was going to disappear on Tomorrow Belongs to Us.

I leave without any bitterness“, explains the actress in the columns of Télé 2 Semaines, before continuing.I am very happy with the journey of my character and his family. It was a great adventure that I wish all the actors“.

As for why the producer chose to break away from this highly regarded family, the actor opines that “That’s just the life of soap operas.”

According to him“Tomorrow Belongs to Us focuses heavily on crime fiction. Our family is a little sunnier than others and less involved in that field. It’s hard for authors to write for everyone all the time.“.

final departure

While many actors who have left the series have left the door open for a possible return, Patrick Guerineau’s departure seems final. Also, in agreement with the producer, he made a decision that his “Participation will be suspended at this stage“.

I came full circle with that last line. I want to develop and do other things. I have theater projects that I have had to postpone or cancel for scheduling reasons. After that, as long as we don’t find Etienne’s body in Seth Port, my character can always reappear.“, he said.

A moving farewell

If the departure of the Curtis family promises to shift the loyalty of the program, one thing is certain, and that is that Patrick Guerino’s final day of filming was rich with emotion and will undoubtedly remain a moment etched in his memory.

“It was full of emotions. A moment in which fantasy and reality mixed together. We said goodbye to the script and lines of dialogue and knew in our eyes what we were living.“, the actor says in the columns of our colleagues.

And finally, “My partners were very affected and so was I. I tried not to cry and held my head up to reassure Honorine and Ryan about our future together.

Source: Allocine

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