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‘A Parallel Universe Called the Cannes Vortex’: Camille Cotin opens the 2024 Cannes Film Festival with humor and class.

The 2024 Cannes Film Festival has begun. And it was Camille Cotin who had the difficult task of playing Mistress of Ceremonies for the festive opening of this 77th edition. The role is far from obvious, especially when the event intersects with social, environmental or geopolitical questions and issues.

The French actor, the unforgettable Conasse, who now leads a rather successful career between France and the United States, fulfilled this mission very beautifully and with great class: in music, lightly, even when dealing with serious topics, Camille Cotin did so. A speech as vibrant (skin-twitch-inducing) as it is powerful.

The 77th Cannes Film Festival, which opens with an out-of-competition screening of Quentin Dupierre’s Second Act, runs from May 14 to 25.

“Nocturnal professional meetings in hotel rooms of almighty masters are no longer part of the routine”

“It is a great honor and great joy to welcome you to this mythical palace. You may not know it, but you are about to enter a parallel world called the Skin Vortex. In this world, space, time, health will also be present. Become somewhat vague concepts, do not worry, this is normal.

“In this world, day and night merge. We go to screenings very early in the morning, without sleep, and have our professional meetings at midnight on the beach, which bears the name of the brand. C Yes, I want to point out that the night professional meetings in the rooms of the almighty lords are no longer skin-stirring Part of the custom, after the law was passed.

“Here, we no longer know how to calculate distance, especially when we cover them in stiletto heels. We’re not talking kilometers, we’re talking Majestic Martinez. We drive sedans to cover 20 meters. And when you climb 24 steps, you have the impression that you have climbed Everest, your value scale can also be seriously disturbed, for example, it is no shock to anyone that certain hairstyles require more time and resources than short shots.

“After seven days of a festival without sleep, you can feel the same sense of injustice watching a film exposing a dictatorship as you do at the entrance to a party. Be prepared to meet perfectly balanced people who do. I know I’m sleeping in a windowless Airbnb well bathroom.

“Here we talk about money like love”

“In this strange world, we watch movies all day and discuss them all night. Besides, no one speaks the same language and everyone understands each other. Here appearances are deceiving, and beneath the tuxedos and princess dresses sometimes hide punks and resistance fighters here, as Agnes Varda said , we talk about money like we talk about love, and when we’re in the dark, that’s the light.

“It sounds completely crazy, I know. But the craziest thing is that it’s true. This is not a parallel world. This world exists. This place is a meeting place for film lovers from all over the world, a meeting place, a dialogue, a debate, a moment of thought, culture, wonder here And now is a moment when the state of the world worries us, even if it makes our blood run cold in places where faults divide people deeply, where the planet is burning, where our collective intelligence may become artificial…”

“Such a meeting place is an incredible opportunity”

“A meeting place like this is an incredible opportunity, we come every year to take a photo of our humanity.


Ladies and gentlemen, dear guests, dear friends, welcome to the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

Source: Allocine

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