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‘Late Night With the Devil’: Was the secret club in the movie? The true story

Late Night with the Devil is a supernatural horror film written, directed and edited by Colin and Cameron Cairnes. The plot follows the events of an episode of a late-night talk show broadcast on Halloween night 1977, during which the host tries to increase ratings by inviting a supposedly possessed girl onto the show.

Although the story is entirely fictional, a certain element seems to relate to real life events, which one are we referring to?

Is the movie ‘Late Night with the Devil’ inspired by real life?

Throughout the film, we see that Jack Delroy, the host of the hit variety show ‘Night Owls’, is a member of a secret club called The Grove or Culte Du Grove. This kind of sect is made up of rich and powerful men, with whom Delroy makes a deal to achieve the success he seeks.

Many may not have noticed, but this connection appears to be a nod to the Bohemian Grove, a secret club that, in real life, has inspired both protests and conspiracy theories. ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ or ‘CBR’ have pointed out the similarities between the two, with the former asserting that ‘The Grove’ ‘seems to be slightly inspired’ by the real thing.

On the subject, actor David Dastmalchian commented that, as an “amateur conspiracy theorist,” he wonders “what secret handshakes and secret conversations went on” at Bohemian Grove.

Bohemian Grove: this is the exclusive club in real life

Bohemian Grove is an exclusive club for rich and powerful men, located in remote Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, California, in the United States. It was founded in 1872 by a group of journalists, artists and musicians in San Francisco, but over time, they extended the invitation to businessmen and politicians. Members are reportedly allowed to bring guests, but the meeting is closed to the media and outsiders.

Over the years, the club’s secrecy has done nothing but foster interest and conspiracy theories about what goes on at the two-week annual meetings.

Although the list of its members is secret, the names of some of them have been leaked, including US presidents Herbert Hoover, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.

Additionally, it is known that the planning meeting for the Manhattan Project, which led to the development of the atomic bomb, took place at Bohemian Grove.

Little is known about what goes on inside the club, but it is known to involve large parties. There are some reports of rituals, schemes, initial discussions of public policies and scandalous activities, but they have not been proven.

Have you already seen the horror movie ‘Late Night with the Devil’? Let us know in the comments what you think about his relationship with an actual secret society.

Source: univision

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