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Nicolas Cage to star in horror film about Jesus’ childhood: the details

Horror cinema has many films on the horizon that promise to thrill audiences. The latest on the list is a film led by Nicolas Cage and with a somewhat unexpected plot: the childhood of Jesus, but not from a religious point of view, but rather scary.

What will ‘The Carpenter’s Son’ be about, a horror movie starring Nicolas Cage?

As reported, the film will explore Jesus’ childhood from a horror perspective.

According to the official synopsis, the plot follows a family hiding in Roman Egypt. The son, known only as “The Boy”, begins to doubt his guardian, “The Carpenter”, and discovers inherent powers and a destiny beyond his understanding. As he wields his own power, the boy and his family become targets of horrors, both natural and divine.

According to “Deadline,” the film is inspired by the apocryphal Gospel of the Infancy of Thomas, a text dating back to the second century AD. and narrates the first years of the life of Jesus Christ.

Besides Nicolas Cage, which actors will star in the horror film?

While the Oscar winner is the most recognized name, the cast is made up of great talent.

Nicolas Cage will play Carpenter. He will be joined by artist FKA Twigs in the role of Mother. The role of the Kid will go to Noah Jupe, who won acclaim for his work on the Apple TV+ limited series ‘Franklin’. Souheila Yacoub, who won international acclaim for her performance alongside Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya in “Dune: Part II,” will also be part of the cast of “The Carpenter’s Son.”

The movie will be directed by Lotfy Nathan who gained huge popularity with the title ‘Harka’.

When is the movie ‘The Carpenter’s Son’ coming out?

Since the film is scheduled to begin shooting in the summer of 2024, there is no official release date yet.

However, some estimates suggest that production could reach 2025.

Nicolas Cage horror movies

It is worth remembering that Nicolas Cage is no stranger to the horror genre, as he has worked in at least a dozen films of this genre, in which he had the opportunity to play imaginary creatures, victims and perpetrators. Some of their most notable titles in the genre are: “Vampire’s Kiss”, “8MM”, “Mandy”, “Color Out of Space”, “Pay the Ghost” or “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Let us know in the comments if you’re excited about the plans for the horror film ‘The Carpenter’s Son’.

Source: univision

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