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Brazil has a negative foreign exchange flow of $357 million from May through the 10th, BC says

Brazil recorded a total negative foreign exchange flow of $357 million in May through May 10, in a move driven by financial assets, the Central Bank said on Wednesday.

The most recent data is preliminary and is part of the contracted exchange rate statistics.

Net outflows of $617 million occurred through the financial channel in the month to May 10. Among other things, foreign direct and portfolio investments, remittances of profits and interest payments are made through this channel.

Through the commercial channel the balance from May to 10th was positive for 260 million dollars.


Last week, from May 6 to 10, the total foreign exchange flow was positive at $633 million.

In the year ended May 10, Brazil recorded a total positive foreign exchange flow of $6.191 billion. In the same period last year the flow was positive for 13.612 billion dollars.

Source: Terra

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