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Bionics, Netflix’s national science fiction feature film, gets trailer

The new feature stars names like Jessica Córes (Invisible City), Bruno Gagliasso (Dupla Identidade) and Gabz (Da Ponte Pra Lá)

Netflix released, this Wednesday (15), the first trailer for Bionicsa new national science fiction film original from the streaming platform, which shows a future in which technology has transformed bionic prosthetics as the new path to success.

In history, Maria (Jessica Cores, Invisible City) is a long jump athlete, who dedicated her life to training tirelessly to reach the top, but ends up resentful when she sees that the rise of bionic prostheses has changed the reality of the sport.

When your sister Gabi (Gabz, From the Bridge to There) gains the spotlight as a bionic athlete and, driven by ambition and rivalry with her sister, Maria crosses your path with Hector (Bruno Gagliasso, Dual Identity), who makes him an unthinkable proposal. Check out:

Directed by Afonso Poyart (2 Rabbits), with a script by the filmmaker himself with Josefina Trotta (September mornings), Victor Navas (Carandiru) It is Cris Cera (Protesys), Bionics premieres May 29 on Netflix. The film’s cast also includes Christian Malheiros (Tune), Klebber Toledo (Maldives), Paulo Vilhena (Like our parents), Nill Marcondes (Colleagues) It is Danton Mello (Justice 2).

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Source: Rollingstone

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