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Tonight on TV: It’s one of the most subversive movies of the decade, and it’s French!

“I really tried to make a film that shoots arrows, which is first and foremost an experience that leaves you feeling physically challenged.” This is what Julia Ducournau spoke about Titan at the microphone of Trois Couleurs magazine. And the least we can say is that the French filmmaker has risen to the challenge brilliantly…

because for experience, of titanium It’s really an experience. Set to hit theaters in 2021, this subversive, radical and visceral film for under-16s that borders on the experimental should not be overlooked. Story ? A father (Vincent Lyndon) found his son, who had been missing for ten years. What happens next, we prefer not to tell, because every minute is surprising and shocking.

There is everything in the powerful and hypnotic of titanium : virtuosity with incredible sequence shots, crazy images, bravery, horror and love. A true uppercut, this interesting feature film plays with genres and relies on the effect of surprise and unpredictability.

“I really like the idea of ​​an evolving film, as the hero changes.”said Julia DucournauStill in Trois Couleurs magazine. “By the end, the film sheds its layers to get to its core: how can humanity be born from a barren scorched earth where there is no love?”

Ducourneau, 28 years after Jane Campion

unclassifiable work, of titanium, featuring the incredible Agathe Roussel, received the 2021 Palme d’Or from jury president Spike Lee. With this film, one of those that caused a scandal on the Croisette, Julia Ducournau became the second woman to receive this prestigious prize after New Zealander Jane Campion and her piano lesson in 1993.

Before you get into the experience of titanium, we repeat once again that the film, if it is brilliant and unique, honestly does not spare the audience. Therefore sensitive souls are asked to abstain. For others, it’s a real cinematic shocker that awaits…

Tonight at Arte at 11 o’clock.

Very interesting release of “Titan” in Cannes:

Source: Allocine

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