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A Better Life Preview: What’s in store for Thursday 16 May 2024 Episode 94 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for an episode of Plus belle la vie, even though plus belle airs Thursday afternoons on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

On Thursday, May 16, in a more beautiful life, even more beautiful…

Finally, Abdel’s disappearance was noted

In the morning, Blanche goes to see Dr. Mehdi Buraoui to get over the trauma of collapsing buildings in Marseille. A psychologist asks him to recall this tragedy, but the exercise proves difficult.

Blanche explains to the doctor: “I thought that by starting this association with Luna I could move on to something else, but it’s starting again, I can’t sleep, my stomach hurts”. Furthermore, he adds that he feels guilty that he survived while others were not so lucky. Mehdi advises him to fix the watch since it was left behind during the event.

At the end of her session with the psychologist, Blanche finds Eric on the Mistral terrace. He tells his friend that he can’t ignore it and agrees to let Abdel Fedala disappear: “The reopening of Mistral did something to me (….) I tell myself that without Abdel, I would not be here today, but he…”.

Steve and Nisma reconciled

At the Masalia residence, Steve is still bedridden after injuring his head with an elastic band. She is visited by Matteo, who has arrived to bring her a donut. The latter explained to him that he had read something not so comforting on the Internet about the possible complications associated with damage to the genital organs.

As his friend leaves, Steve grabs his phone and immediately calls the medical office to make an appointment with Dr. Gabriel Riva.

At the same time, on the first floor of the residence, Apollin and Morgan make bets: the former is sure that nothing happened between Stevie and Nisma, and the young policeman is sure that the two lovers spent the night together. They see Steve limping, which amuses them.

Steve goes to Mistral’s medical office. Unfortunately, it’s not Dr. Riva who takes it, but Leah Nebow. Embarrassed, he confided to the doctor that he had received a shock on his private part while playing sports, and the color had turned blue. Leah replies that she will have to examine him, which makes the young man uncomfortable.

Steve returned to Massalia’s residence with the medicine. As he tries to call Nisma, there is a knock at the door. It was the young woman who came to inform him that Mateo had confessed the whole truth to him.

Steve is extremely shy and explains to her that despite his desire, he cannot make love to her. To calm him down, Nisma kisses him on the mouth and says: “All I want is to be with you.” Then she takes off her scarf and hugs him. A young man sees her with her hair for the first time.

is betty still alive

After the confession, Killian is interrogated again by Ariane and Jean-Paul. And with good reason, the police believe that his statements do not match the evidence that has been discovered. He explains that he killed Betty Solano by stabbing her in the stomach and then dumped the body on a hill in Wolf Valley.

Jean-Paul approaches Killian and tells him: “He doesn’t buy into your story, starting with the blood trail.”. Ariane informs the young man that he will have to accompany them to the crime scene. Killian is still completely confused.

At the same time, Thomas gets a call from Ulysses Kepler, who informs him that Killian has confessed. Neither he nor Aya believe he is guilty of murder. But Javad is no longer so sure. However, he agrees to continue the investigation with his sister and Thomas.

Upon arriving at Wolf Gorge Hill, Killian tries to organize his thoughts, but his revelations are always confused and incoherent. The lawyer advises him to tell the truth to the police. But the young man demands to be returned to his cell.

Back at the police station, Jean-Paul is upset. And for good reason, he finds Killian’s behavior odd. So he tries to convince Ariane to take Thomas’ lead on the theory that Betty might still be alive. Ariane agrees to go talk to Thomas.

In Mistral, Thomas shows a policewoman the photos captured by the ornithologist’s camera on the morning of April 26. We see a man from behind with a hood over his head. Contrary to all expectations, Ariana also begins to believe in this theory.

Karine Solano, on the other hand, goes home. We found out that Betty is at home with her mother, perfectly healthy. The latter explains that he voluntarily removed the gas pipe from Mistral to scare Thomas.

His mother is tired of this business. He offers Betty a return ticket to Paris and says: “You put yourself in this situation, it’s up to you to fix it”. Shocked, Betty threatens her mother and tells her that she is also an accomplice and risks a lot if the truth is discovered.

Karine asks Betty to leave the house immediately. So will the young woman go and risk the remark? To find out, watch the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle.

Source: Allocine

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