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“Inside Out 2” gets a new clip closer to its premiere

The presale of Inside out 2 in the United States it has already begun. And to help get sales started, a new clip from the film has been revealed, which will premiere in June. The sequel is one of the most anticipated by Disney fans.

Inside out 2 will be directed by Kelsey Mann, who will be making her feature directorial debut but has previously worked in other departments at Pixar. Meg LeFauve will be responsible for the screenplay.

The film tells the story of Riley as she enters adolescence, facing new dilemmas and, of course, new emotions. The original film, from 2015, featured the main character facing several challenges as he moved from Minnesota to San Francisco.

In the universe of her mind, the girl’s feelings are shown in the form of characters, namely: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. They live in the headquarters of Riley’s mind and try to help her as she struggles to adjust to the many changes in her life.

The sequel is scheduled to debut in Brazil on June 20. The information comes from Omelette.

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