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Police arrest two suspects in the death of an 88-year-old man beaten during a home invasion on the South Side

The crime occurred in the early hours of this Wednesday; One of the prisoners had already been convicted of robbery, but was released earlier this year, according to the police chief

The Civil Police of São Paulo arrested two suspects of participation in a home invasion resulting in the death of an 88 year old man in the region of Sacomà, in the southern area of ​​Sao Paulo. The crime occurred this morning. Three other people are still wanted.

João Masahiro Kanashiro, 88, was at home with his wife when five criminals broke into the house and tied up the couple while they collected valuables, such as mobile phones. According to investigations, the elderly man was beaten while he was trying to shout for help. He did not survive his injuries.

The two suspects arrested this Wednesday are a 26-year-old man and a 17-year-old teenager, the latter who worked at Fundação Casa. “The minor had already been arrested for the crime of robbery”, he told Estadao the delegate Flávio Lousano, director of the 2nd Specialized Center for the Repression of Crimes and Various Events (Siege).

“He was hospitalized for about a year and was placed on probation earlier this year,” she said. The case involving the teenager, he said, also occurred in the south area.

According to the delegate, the dynamics of the case were similar to those of Wednesday morning. “It was an invasion of the home and, at the time of the kidnapping, of them (criminals who acted at that time) they also committed the death of a person,” Lousano said.

It is not yet known whether there is a link between the two groups, but the hypothesis of the Civil Police is that the gang that acted on Wednesday was focused on invading the house. “The way they acted, it would seem like an association focused on this type of crime,” the delegate said.

Understand the case

Investigations indicate that, early in the morning, some criminals approached João’s house, on Rua Nagib Tanus Gastin, in Jardim Botucatu, to first observe the characteristics of the door lock. They returned hooded a few moments later, around 1 am, with five people.

“They then jump over the wall and, once inside the residence, break down the door to enter the property,” Lousano said. According to him, the couple was surprised while they were already sleeping. “They woke up scared, with the five individuals already inside the house.”

According to the police, during the action the gang tied up the couple and remained in the house for about two hours. “The man ended up getting nervous about the situation, he started shouting and in the end they attacked him,” the police chief said. João did not survive his injuries.

Police say forensics have yet to determine the cause of death, but say there is no evidence the group used firearms or knives. The blows inflicted were punches and kicks. There is no information yet whether the two arrested suspects were responsible for the attacks.

According to police estimates, the robbery resulted in losses of around R$20,000. “They took cash, cell phones, jewelry and decorations,” Lousano said. Ultimately, one of these objects would be important in the arrest of the suspects, as it was found together with one of them.

The Civil Police continues to carry out investigations in an attempt to identify the other three suspects and determine the role of each in the robbery. The case was registered by the 26th DP (Sacomã), who promptly requested the intervention of the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP).

Source: Terra

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