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We saw Furiosa at Cannes: the new Mad Max with Anna Taylor-Joy is very different from Fury Road, but just as crazy!

After nearly ten years with the iconic Mad Max saga Fury Road, which was already presented at Cannes, George Miller returns to the Croisette for a new over-the-top adventure centered on the character of Furiosa.

It was one of the most anticipated events of the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival: the ultra-glamorous session of this prequel, for which Anya Taylor-Joy replaces Charlize Theron as the famous empress in Cannes.

Because Furiosa tells the story of the heroine’s youth in a decadent world. Everything changes when he is whisked away from the green earth and captured by a horde of bikers led by the fearsome Dementus. As she tries to escape the desolation, the immortal Joe, and find her way home, Furiosa has only one obsession: revenge.

Anya Taylor-Joy Superstar

The actress was featured in The Witch and popular since Split and Queen’s Gambit was chosen for this legendary role in the Mad Max universe and we can see why. There was no better actor to play this villainous hero.

Her very organic and visceral, almost silent interpretation of Furiosa pays homage to this character, and we feel the actress’ physical and spiritual participation in this monumental blockbuster.

After the impressive and fleeting Australian actress Alila Brown’s portrayal of a young Furiosa (three thousand years in the already seen Miller), Anya Taylor-Joy arrives about forty minutes into the film with nothing more than her posture and eyes. to stand out from the chaos of the citadel.

And yet, hidden beneath his suit, his equipment, and without a voice coming from his mouth, we only see him. Investing 100% in her role, Anya Taylor-Joy honors Charlize Theron’s legacy by helping to lay the foundation for a character as powerful as she is inspiring.

He also faces Chris Hemsworth as a completely deranged villain, a mix of rock band leader and bloodthirsty guru, a role he leads and which finally allows him to break away from his monstrous image. He also counts on his partner Tom Burke, the quiet force of Praetorian Jack, a sort of mentor to help him build his legend.

If Anya Taylor-Joy is increasingly establishing herself in pop culture and blockbusters with Dune and Super Mario Bros., she previously excelled with her magnetism in thrillers and genre films.

You must have noticed it a magician, divisionGlass, The New Mutants, Last Night in Soho, The Northman and even Le Menu, thanks to his haunting presence and his haunting gaze.

And it is these qualities that add a welcome charm and singularity to his performance in Furiosa, in which he uses all his resources and shows all his cards to prove that he has the soul and the weapons to be a superstar.

Fury Road and Furiosa are not the same fight

If the film Furiosa fits perfectly into the world of Mad Max: Fury Road, with the same aesthetics, the same atmosphere, the same energy and above all the same graphic quality, although some visual effects are more visible, these two films are longer. They do not share the same issues or the same scriptural desires.

Fury Road knew how to dynamit action blockbusters with breakneck pace and dense, explosive and well-paced chases for days, putting the Mad Max character in the spotlight for a new high-tension adventure, while Furiosa takes more shape. As an epic over a longer period.

Indeed, the film is a perfect example of a successful prequel and depicts fifteen years of the heroine’s life, divided into 5 chapters, as many key moments and small revivals for a living skin that is forced to adapt and rebuild itself to survive physically and mentally. .

If the emotion is palpable, the action is always there, as evidenced by an impressive 15-minute sequence of mobile and air attacks on a battle carrier, with great precision and as close as possible to bodies and reactors. Furiosa tells the story of the origins of Chaos and how it affected the characters in their flesh and spirit.

Even if it may seem didactic in some ways, the film takes us “behind the scenes” of Fury Road so that fans can find glimpses and answers to questions that the first film may have raised, and that people who have not seen Fury Road are particularly left out. on the side of the road.

But Furiosa is above all a construct of this unique warrior who becomes her own creation, half-woman, half-machine, and above all the master of her destiny in the face of men who fear, respect, or despise her. A story of transcendence and revenge through liberating feminine rage.

More ambitious, stronger and more dramatic, Furiosa is an epic and tragic odyssey that tells us about the emergence of the heroine and that enriches a great mythology, reminding us of the chaos of the world. George Miller achieves a tour de force by reinventing himself and following the social development of our world, all without stepping over the edges of Fury Road, but almost giving it a second wind. before the new movie?

George Miller’s Furiosa will hit theaters on May 22.

Source: Allocine

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