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Android brings Google Cast and the Angry Birds app to cars

Google’s new features for cars include the arrival of the Angry Birds game and the ability to play cell phone videos

OR Google announced new features in Android versions intended for cars. While Android Auto has gained new applications, the Android Automotive operating system has received support for Google Cast, which allows you to cast any video from your mobile phone to other larger screens.

New car apps

Google is gradually expanding the range of apps available for cars equipped with the Android system. The application Uber Driver has a version for Android Auto, in which you can accept races and follow the route on your vehicle’s screen.

The Google Built-in system, installed directly in the car and which does not depend on the action of the mobile phone, will receive applications from Max, Peacock and the Angry Birds game in the coming months.

The company announced that it now has a new tier system for identifying the compatibility of a car app, broken down into three options:

  • Level 1 (Car-Different): Applications that explore what’s best for cars, built with the structure of cars in mind and the changing experience of the vehicle being stationary or moving. They have more resources to manage them between devices;
  • Level 2 (optimized for cars): The level that supports the majority of currently available apps, which promotes a good experience on the vehicle screen. They have functions that can be used when the car is stationary or moving;
  • Level 3 (car ready): Apps compatible with larger screens and can be activated when the vehicle is stationary. However, there are no specific features for cars, so the experience is similar to the app on tablets and other devices.

As for Tier 3 apps, Google has launched a new car-ready apps program with the aim of speeding up the deployment of any app that supports large screens.

Google Cast in multiple cars

Google Cast will also arrive on cars with Automotive operating system. The feature eliminates the hassle of opening an app in the car, accessing search, and finding the video or image you want – instead just open your phone and quickly stream the content. The process is pretty much the same for mirroring a video Youtube on TV, for example, and must be done with the car stopped.

The Mountain View giant informs that the new feature debuts on the models of the manufacturer Rivian and should subsequently expand to other brands.

The Android Automotive operating system will be improved with a function for mirroring mobile screens (Image: Disclosure/Google)

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Cars weren’t the only ones to benefit from the new features: Google also announced improvements for cell phones, tablets, watches and TVs coming to devices in 2024 — Check out a list of the biggest highlights.

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