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This is what the actors of “Bridgerton” look like without their characterization: You won’t recognize Eloise

After a long wait, the first part of the third season of “Bridgerton” has arrived on Netflix with four chapters that are already exciting fans.

If you haven’t seen what the actors look like in real life without their Victorian clothes, here are the photos.

Nicola Coughlan – Penelope Featherington

Brigerton 3 stars Penelope Featherington, played by Nicola Coughlan. Unlike her character, the actress has blonde hair, but her beauty is just as striking on screen as it is on red carpets, where she dresses regal.

Luke Newton – Colin Bridgerton

Luke Newton is Colin Bridgerton, this season’s most eligible bachelor. Although at first he tries to help his friend Penelope find a husband, he ends up falling in love with her.

The British actor has proven that he has great fashion sense off set and his physique continues to captivate thousands of fans.

Sam Phillips – Lord Dembling

One of the characters joining the new season of the Netflix series is Lord Dembling, who wants to get married, specifically to someone who goes against the grain and is a little “strange,” which seems to describe Penelope.

Sam Phillips is the actor who will be portraying him and his arrival in the series has attracted a lot of attention as he is already making fans fall in love with him.

Claudia Jessie – Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise Bridgerton has steadily increased her presence in seasons of ‘Bridgerton’ and this one will be no exception. After discovering that Penelope is Lady Whistledown, he distances himself from her and maintains a friendship with Cressida Cowper, which will make her feel guilty.

Actress Claudia Jessie, 34, maintains a very different style to Eloise and it’s common to see her with her hair down. Plus, maybe you didn’t know he’s a vegetarian.

Jessica Madsen – Cressida Cowper

Cressida Cowper is introduced as a young woman determined to find a husband and bully Penelope after she notices that the latter has begun to attract the attention of singles due to her changed appearance.

Many may not recognize actress Jessica Madsen outside of her role on the show, but it turns out she’s worked on movies like “Rambo: Last Blood” and “Into Darkness” in the past.

Luke Thompson – Benedict Bridgerton

Although the series of books in the “Brigerton” saga predicted that season 3 would show the story of Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie, Netflix decided to skip that timeline and go directly to the romance between Colin and Penelope. However, fans remain optimistic that “the family painter” will be the main character in the second part of the third season.

Luke Thompson, who plays Benedict, is a prominent actor who trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, graduating in 2013. His latest outfits show that he’s not afraid to mix colors, which makes him stand out.

Polly Walker – Lady Portia Featherington

Lady Portia Featherington, like Penelope, made a drastic change in her wardrobe opting for a more relaxed look and less bright colors, which gives a new perspective to the character.

Polly Walker, the actress who plays her, wore a black outfit to the UK premiere of ‘Bridgerton’ which is in stark contrast to how she is portrayed in the series.

Hannah Dood – Francesca Bridgerton

The name of this actress has caused interest in the new season of “Brigerton” because she replaced Ruby Stokes in the role of Francesca Bridgerton, who makes her debut on the marriage market in the first episode of the series.

In the past, the artist gained recognition for her performance in Marvel’s ‘Eternals’, as well as ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ and ‘Enola Holmes 2’.

Adjoa Andoh – Lady Danbury

In the past, the 58-year-old actress who plays Lady Danbury had the opportunity to work alongside established actors such as Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon in the film ‘Invictus’. Now, her character advises the queen about debutante girls finding husbands.

Although in the series she appears with long hair, in her last appearances she revealed that she has a shaved head, she looks spectacular!

Golda Rosheuvel – Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte is known for her elegance and striking outfits, a trait she shares with the actress who plays her, Golda Rochevel.

While in the plot we see her in flashy wigs, in real life Rosheuvel, of Guyanese-British descent, has short black hair, which many probably didn’t expect.

Which actor were you most surprised to see outside of his role in ‘Brigerton’?

Source: univision

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