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Civil War, with Wagner Moura, will be the first A24 film to premiere in China

The most expensive film in the studio’s history, the film also stars Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man) and Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation)

Civil warnew feature from A24 with Wagner Moura (Hidden Agent) It is Kirsten Dunst (Spider man), will be the studio’s first to be released in China. According to the deadlinethe production, which has grossed US$ 108 million (R$ 554 million at current prices) at the box office worldwide so far, hits cinemas in the country on June 7th.

Written and directed by Alex Garlandin Ex_Machina: Artificial Instinct (2014) and Annihilation (2018), Civil war takes place in a dystopian future, in which a group of journalists, including the character of Mouratravels across the United States during a conflict involving the entire nation, putting his own life at risk.

The film – which is considered the most expensive by the A24 studio, responsible for releasing great hits such as Everything Everywhere at the Same Time (2022), Hereditary (2018) and X – The Mark of Death (2022) – still has Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation), Cailee Spaeny (Priscilla), Stephen McKinley Henderson (A Limit Between Us) It is Jefferson White (Yellowstone). Watch the preview:

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Source: Rollingstone

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