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Tremble, “Grey’s Anatomy”! Netflix Unveils New Series About Doctors: ‘Respira’

With such an extensive catalog and content for all tastes, Netflix will premiere a series about doctors this year that could be competition for “Grey’s Anatomy,” a production that premiered in 2005 and has already run for 20 seasons.

‘Breathe’, Netflix’s new medical series

According to information from the Netflix press portal, this Spanish series entitled “Respira” (“Respirator”) focuses on the life of Biel, a doctor who has been working for several months in a public hospital, between hundreds of shifts. Don’t give him too much time for his personal life. Despite this obstacle, he loves his profession and is willing to leave everything behind to become the best doctor.

Biel thinks everything is fine, unaware of what’s really going on there: the rest of the staff will go on a general strike to raise awareness about their core work and to protest the unbearable budget cuts to the public health system.

Although the cause of the strike is just, Biel and the other residents are unsure if they will participate as it could have fatal consequences for their patients.

“Joaquín Sorolla is much more than a public hospital in Valencia, where lives are saved every day. Doctors and residents work at their maximum in the frenetic pace of emergencies, where tensions, emotions, even desire and love” they make the hearts of a staff living increasingly on the edge accelerate,” says the Variety synopsis.

Who stars in ‘Respira’, Netflix’s new medical series?

Doctor Biel will be played by Manu Ríos, an actor and singer who appeared in “Elite” and “El Silencio,” both produced by Netflix.

The rest of the cast consists of Najwa Nimri (“Vis a vis”, “La casa de papel” and “Berlín”), Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (“Parallel Mothers”, “The Boss” and “The Machinist”), Blanca Suárez (“The Cable Girls”, “The Boat” and “The Boarding School”), Alfonso Basave (“I Love You, Idiot”, “I Can’t Without You” and “The Favor”) and Borja Luna (‘ Cable Girls’ Cable’ and ‘Animals without collar’).

Behind this project is the creator, producer and screenwriter Carlos Monterio, the director of ‘Elite’, another successful Netflix series that has 7 seasons.

When does ‘Breathe’ premiere on Netflix?

For now, Netflix has only shared a few official images of the main cast, revealing that the fiction will arrive on the streaming platform in 2024.

With the success in the United States, and around the world, of “Grey’s Anatomy,” a medical drama that has a strong fan following that has been following the story since 2015, with 20 seasons, Netflix is ​​betting on a series

Do you think “Respira” will be another big hit for Netflix?

Source: univision

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