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‘Bridgerton 3’: alleged second part trailer leaked, will the ending be true to the books?

The first part of the third season of “Brigerton” just arrived on Netflix and fans are already asking for more. The installment was split into two parts, so in the first instance, the audience only got to see the first four episodes of Colin and Penelope’s love story and the multiple complications surrounding it. This, no doubt, left many questioning how the plot of ‘Polin’ would conclude.

Before you read on, please note that this article contains spoilers.

‘Brigerton 3’ part two: alleged Netflix series trailer leaked

Just hours after the premiere of the third season of “Bridgerton” on Netflix, a video of the supposed trailer for the second part of the series began to circulate on social networks.

In it, you can see Colin and Penelope’s wedding being announced, to which Eloise reacts defensively, threatening the author of “Lady Whistledown” that if she doesn’t tell her brother who she is before midnight, she’ll see to it .

In the background the Queen’s voice is heard offering a large reward to anyone who reveals who Lady Whistledown is and Cressida declares that she will go for the money no matter what.


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How does ‘Brigerton 3’ end, according to Julia Quinn’s books?

Although the Netflix version made notable changes to the book it’s based on, “Seducing Mr. Bridgerton,” the original novel may give some clues as to the future of the story.

In the novel, it is Lady Danbury who tries to question the author of “Lady Whistledown” and offers a reward for anyone who reveals her identity. Immediately, all kinds of theories arise in society: Colin suspects that she is his sister, and Cressida claims that she is just to collect the money.

The truth comes to light when Colin follows Penelope to a church, where he delivers her manuscript. This detail causes a fight between them, which escalates into a romantic moment and a marriage proposal.

Despite his plans, he remains emotionally distraught, not knowing how to reconcile that his future wife is the writer of the column. So, she suggests that Penelope allow Cressida to take the blame and bury the situation.

However, she does not agree with the proposal, since it means leaving the credit for her life’s work to someone else. He therefore decides to publish one last column, in which he reveals that Cressida was not the author.

Said flyer arrives while they’re at the engagement party, which infuriates Colin even more. However, he eventually realizes that he’s actually jealous because his wife has built her own legacy, and he, on the other hand, thinks it’s pointless.

From that moment, the friction between the future spouses ends, as Colin comes to terms with Penn’s work.

However, the tension returns when Cressida realizes Penelope’s secret, because in the aforementioned pamphlet, she insults her in the same way as in a personal conversation. Then, the now-widow threatens her enemy by demanding money in exchange for not revealing her identity.

Penn asks Colin for help to solve the problem and, during a party, introduces her as Lady Whistledown. Against all odds, society is not bothered by this detail, but rather applauds it.

When does the second part of ‘Bridgerton’ season 3 premiere?

Like the first part, the second part consists of four episodes and will be released on Thursday, June 13, almost a month after the first episodes.

Tell us in the comments, what would you like to see happen in the second part of the third season of ‘Brigerton’?

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