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This is where it all begins: will a new love story be born in Brittany? “Everything is completely overwritten…”

While the cuisine coupe de France is raging here, two students at the Institut Auguste Armand may be getting close to the event… indeed, until Kelly (Axel Dodier) discovers his sworn enemy, Chef Lenglart (Victoria Montfort), when they have to deal with Laetitia’s (Florence Coste) past. , which reappears, Malik (Oscar Al Hafyan) and Maya (Alexandra Faval) find themselves as mere companions.

Maya and Malik are closer

TF1 just came online extraction Ahead of the episode of the series (offered on the channel from Monday to Friday at 6.30pm), the first years are in competition mode in the hope of winning a culinary prize for which they have traveled to Brittany.

Maya needs a specific ingredient to make her brigadier recipe, but Malik initially refuses to give it to her. The two then play cat-and-mouse until she finds herself in front of him, upset…even when she’s straight up upset, she confesses to Leonard’s best friend that she wants to kiss him!

“Everything is completely overwritten”

So will Malik dare later? And will Maya accept this unexpected declaration? Last March, AlloCin√© went to Brittany to witness the filming of this special story. At our microphone, Alexandra Favali and Oscar Al Hafian hinted that their characters’ relationship could develop in any case… romantically?

A young woman says:The cup of French cuisine will influence Malik and Maya. They are the first years to fully appreciate them. They will gain self-confidence and this will open interesting doors for them… Affinity will also be created between some of them (laughs)

Additionally, when asked about Claire Romain’s canceled return to “This Is Where It All Begins,” Oscar Al Hafyan (whose character started a romance with Amber) said, “Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise…Alexandra Favali then added: “Everything was completely rewritten! It was really cool, but what’s changed brings something else that’s going to be really cool.”

Is this where it all begins for a new pair of prospects? To be continued…

Source: Allocine

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