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This thriller almost destroyed the director’s career, despite being one of the most promising of his generation.

Although he got his start in the early 90s, Swedish director Tomas Alfredsson saw his career take off in 2008 with his excellent vampire film Morse. Applause at more than thirty international festivals and announced in the 10 best films of the year. WalrusWith a very modest budget, is a true international success.

Winner of the Grand Prix and International Critics’ Prize at the 2009 Fantastic’Arts Festival in Gérardmer, it was also nominated for two European Film Awards, including Best Film, as well as a BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

After four years of silence and especially after being courted by Hollywood, in 2011 he presented the excellent spy film, The Mole, adapted from the works of the master auteur in this field, John Le Carré. He has the opportunity to cast a hell of a cast, all flawless: Gary Oldman in the title role, supported by Mark Strong, John Hurt, Colin Firth and Tom Hardy.

Only six years later, Tomas Alfredson released a new film, The Snowman. While Martin Scorsese was originally approached to direct, he is the one who will eventually provide this adaptation of the novel by the very famous author of detective novels, Joe Nesbo.

The protagonist of the story is Harry Hall, an Oslo police inspector who appears in eleven of Nesbo’s novels, of which The Snowman is the seventh. This particular opus took the character to a whole new level when the book became a New York Times bestseller, as well as a UK bestseller, catapulting its author to international fame.

Sludge of cash registers

If God Largely caused the support of critics and the public, it can not be said that the backlash snow man It was violent for Alfredsson. Despite a strong cast (Michael Fassbender in the title role, JK Simmons, Rebecca Ferguson, Val Kilmer, Charlotte Gainsbourg, etc.), the film was panned by critics. and no longer addresses the audience. With a budget of $35 million, the film barely managed a 43. It’s surprising that a film adaptation of Nesbo’s detective saga book failed to do so well.

Thus, Alfredsson will analyze this rather bitter failure after the release of his film, believing that his story had holes that he could not fill, because he was not able to capture everything that he imagined.

“Our shooting time in Norway was very short. We didn’t have the whole story with us, and when we started editing, we found that we were missing a lot.” he told NRKNorwegian TV channel. “It’s like doing a big puzzle and there are a few pieces missing, so you’re not seeing the whole picture.”

And also note the hasty production: “It was very sudden – suddenly we found that we finally had money and could start shooting in London.”

The bottom line is that his next film, The Jönsson Gang, has completely slipped under the radar and is coming straight to us on VOD. With the added bonus of several short films that have also gone unnoticed or almost unnoticed, without the presence of international actors and actresses, the filmmaker’s career seems to have suffered quite a bit since…

You are still interested to see snow man ? It is available on Prime Video.

Source: Allocine

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