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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Friday 17th May 2024 Episode 927 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for It All Begins tomorrow night on TF1! If you’d rather know nothing, go ahead.

Friday, May 17, everything starts here…

Kelly plans to destroy Langlart

After being found unconscious on the rocks after falling off her bike during the second Coupe de France de Cuisine event, Salome Teissier was rushed to hospital. He finds his coach and his team safe and sound at the hotel. He says he pedaled fast to join them at the competition venue and failed to brake in time, causing him to fall. Before returning to work, Salome discusses with Teyssier the pleasure she had at a beachside restaurant.

In turn, Lionel restores Salome’s bike and notices that the brakes have been clawed. He warns the main stakeholder as well as Laetitia and Kelly. The latter has always suspected Lenglart of trying to sabotage him since the beginning of the competition. With no real proof of her accusation, Laetitia and Salome favor keeping a low profile for the time being.

In the kitchen, Kelly is working out with Maya and Salome when Lenglart comes to take the siphon. He can’t help but taste the sauce the girls have just made and says it’s not about the competition. To keep the peace, Kelly asks him to leave.

Meanwhile, Jimmy finds Jasmine outside, facing the sea. The youngster admits she is breaking down under the pressure Cardone is putting on her to win the Coupe de France. Jimmy tells him that he knows about the deal they made and reassures him about his chances of winning. But Jasmine believes she will lose either way: either lose the competition and never graduate, or win the competition and lose Kelly’s friendship.

On the terrace of the hotel, Maya finds Malik and continues hitting on him. When he expresses a desire to stop being stupid, she doesn’t take him seriously. So Malik again turns to humor and sarcasm.

After a while, everyone gathers on the terrace, where DeLobel and Rossetti are drawn for the semi-finals. Jasmine’s brigade will face Elder Lucas, and Kelly’s brigade will face Lenglart. The latter once again does not miss the opportunity to provoke the former protégé.

Later, Zachary joins Laetitia and Kelly, who are still at odds with Lenglart and Salome’s bike sabotage. The leader admits he overheard Rossetti talking about bikes in Lenglart before the event. Therefore, the latter would have time to apply the brakes. Fully soaked, Kelly isn’t going to give Lenglart a chance in the semi-finals…

Cardone fires Jude from Double A

In the kitchen, Billy, Leonard and Berenia secretly prepare fortune cookies to be distributed during the service, with messages inside them criticizing Cardone’s behavior towards the students at the Institute. When Judy arrives, they hide everything and pretend to be talking about food so she doesn’t suspect anything.

During a shift, Cardone goes to Double A when a user discovers a message in a fortune cookie. He calls the director, takes the message very seriously. Cardone jokes himself, then orders Billy to stop giving out cookies.

At the end of the service, Cardone demands that Jude name the culprits. When he claims to know nothing, she decides to fire him on the spot.

Alerted to the situation by bad comments from customers, Rose and Clotilde confront Cardon. He suggests they issue a press release to put everyone at ease. He then states that he has chosen to restore Livio to replace Judy at the helm of Double A. The Armand sisters are outraged.

Thelma pays with a cell phone

Solali bumps into Thelma in the studio. When he refuses to help her, the young girl shows him that she has already prepared everything for his recipe by chopping all the vegetables he needs. She promises not to interfere again. Touched, Solal suggests that everyone prepare their own recipe. Thelma praises him with her butt as he passes.

Later, David comes to see them. He tastes Thelma’s bibimbap and declares that his dish is on a first-year level. After tasting in turn, Solal confirms. Thelma is very happy.

Later, Thelma gives David a new cell phone to apologize for the break-in the day before. Solal thinks this is a very important gift and will settle for dinner. Thelma takes him at his word. David, on the other hand, prefers to keep the new phone.

In the evening, Thelma finds Solal in a park with a variety of fast food items. He nibbles on tacos and fries, encouraging the young man to do the same. Finally he goes and enjoys it.

Source: Allocine

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