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Why is Mad Max Furiosa so different from Fury Road? George Miller explains!

Previewed at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, Furiosa enriches the world of Mad Max: Fury Road by retelling the epic tale of the now famous Emperor, played today by Anya Taylor-Joy.

The film crew attended the traditional press conference this morning, which was preceded by a photo call under the blue sky of Cannes.

Almost ten years after the relaunch of the iconic Mad Max saga Dangerous roadAlready presented at Cannes, George Miller returns to the Croisette for a new character-driven adventure. Furiosa.

This was one of the most anticipated events of the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival: the ultra-glamorous session of this prequel, for which Anya Taylor-Joy replaces Charlize Theron as the famous empress in Cannes.

Because Furiosa tells the story of the heroine’s youth in a decadent world. Everything changes when he is removed from the green earth and captured by a horde of bikers led by the fearsome Dementus. As she tries to survive the desolation, the immortal Joe, and find her way home, Furiosa has only one obsession: revenge.

A very different new movie!

At the press conference, director George Miller emphasized the idea that every Mad Max should be different. And added: “If you just repeat what you did, you won’t get to make a movie!”

I often asked myself: Am I crazy? But I find that it is my curiosity that gives me this energy

He specifies: “I never thought I’d still be making Mad Max movies. I never thought I would do two and now I’m on my 5th! I often asked myself: Am I crazy? But I find that it is my curiosity that gives me this energy. “

I feel like I’m learning and what’s most important to me is story, plot and finding the best ways to tell a story with the tools we have at our disposal. So every story must be different. Here, what was interesting about the story was the stark difference between a film like Fury Road, where you’re telling a story where you’re always moving and seeing what you can tell around the characters, over 3 days and 2 nights. Long cutscenes happen almost in real time, whereas here we are talking about a saga that takes place over 18 years and seeing someone as a child and growing up to become a legendary warrior.

It took 79 days to shoot one scene alone!

The press conference was an opportunity to highlight the work of the stuntmen. Producer Doug Mitchell recalled the daily dangers that filming like Furiosa can present.

Every morning, we wake up, and George Miller in particular, with the idea that we risk hurting someone or killing someone. So the stunt team has a lot of infrastructure to manage and there are 269 people just doing the stunts for the movie..”

He adds: “Every day you can deal with bad weather, Covid or fatigue, so for George Miller the priority is that no one gets hurt on set and the second priority is to make the film.”

Anya Taylor Joy, who plays the role of Furiosa in the film, gave a very nice tribute to the stuntmen:

Furiosa… and then?

It’s no secret that there could be more Furiosa movies after this episode. George Miller confirmed, “Yes, there is still more story in the works.” And to conclude: “I can’t wait to see what we do in the future.”

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As we wrote some time ago, George Miller revealed what happened to Mad Max before writing Fury Road and that it might lead to a new movie!

Warning – This article contains spoilers for Mad Max: Furiosa.

George Miller spoke to the magazine EW and gave an update on the future of the franchise.

The filmmaker revealed that it’s not because it’s a Furiosa spin-off film that there’s no sign of Mad Max … thus, the director confides to EW that his iconic character will be briefly seen by fans.

“In preparation for Mad Max: Fury Road, we also wrote what happened to Max a year before the start of Fury Road. And as we move towards the end of Furiosa, chronologically speaking, we should have seen Mad Max hiding somewhere because we We know what happened, the writers know what happened that year, and we have a whole story about that that I’d love to do.

Last March, during a panel at CCXP23, Miller already stated that Mad Max.It is hidden somewhere in this story“.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Furiosa’s story spans 15 years

We now know that Furiosa’s story ends a year before Fury Road begins. George Miller also clarified that this unpublished Mad Max story has not yet been written as a screenplay, but as a novel. If Furiosa is a success at the box office, Miller will most likely explore a new Max movie.

The Mad Max franchise began in 1979 starring Mel Gibson, followed by two sequels in 1981 and 1985. It’s been 30 years since Fury Road starring Tom Hardy came out, and we had to wait another 9 years before Furiosa came out, so it may be a while before the new Mad Max adventures come to fruition or not. Tom Hardy… I remind you, after visiting Cannes, Mad Max: Furiosa It will be released in theaters on May 22.

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