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‘Bridgerton’: 7 unknowns that the first part of season 3 left us, will Eloise betray Penelope?

After two years of waiting, the first part of the third season of “Brigerton” finally arrived on Netflix on May 16, to reveal how the story of the richest and most impressive families in London continued.

Before you read on, please note that this article contains spoilers.

In the first four episodes of the series we witnessed how Eloise became friends with Cressida, how the romance between Colin and Penelope arose and how Francesca made her debut in society and met two very good suitors. However, several unfinished questions remained that could be resolved in the next chapters of the second part.

1. Will Eloise reveal to Colin that Penelpe is Lady Whistledown?

In the trailer for the second part of the season we see that Eloise doesn’t react too well to her brother Colin’s engagement to his ex-girlfriend Penelope, especially since she still doesn’t know that his fiancĂ©e is actually Lady Whistledown. For this reason, Eloise will give Penelope an ultimatum to tell her lover the truth or she will tell him herself.

Another person who knows Miss Federington’s secret is Madame Delacroix, who, unless she has a compelling reason to betray her, could keep her secret safe. However, there is one more aspect at play here: tired of the author’s publications, the queen will offer a reward for anyone who delivers Lady Whistledown, which could complicate everything.

It may also happen that Colin discovers her by accident, as happens in the books. And, there is still the question of whether, after the whole truth is revealed, Penelope and Heloise could be friends again.

2. Will Colin call off his wedding when he finds out that Penelope is Lady Whistledown?

At the end of the first four episodes of the third season, we see that Colin is very excited to marry Penelope and wants to tell his family, but let’s also remember that he is upset with Lady Whistledown for what she wrote about his sister Eloise . (who frequented bad company and read feminist propaganda) and which caused his downfall, so one of the big unknowns of the next few episodes will be how he reacts when he learns that his fiancee is no more and no less than the author of this gossip . .

In a recent interview, actor Luke Newton assured that Colin will react in the worst way, not only will he be furious, but if viewers thought Eloise’s anger was too much, his brother’s anger will be worse (something which can even be read in books).

Colin’s anger will not only be due to the suffering Lady Whistledown causes, but also his jealousy of Penelope’s success, fame and talent.

Of course, this will jeopardize Penelope’s long-dreamed-of wedding, which we still don’t know if it will happen after the big reveal.

3. Will Francesca follow her heart and marry Lord Kilmartin or stay with Lord Samadani?

As expected, Francesca was chosen as the queen’s “jewel” this season, so he thought of finding her a good husband and introduced her to the Marquis of Samadani, however, the young lady accidentally met Lord Kilmartin, with whom not only he shares the taste for silence, but also the love for music.

At the final dance of the first part of season 3, Lord Kilmartin gives Francesca a score written by him, which excites her so much that she decides to leave at that moment to go home to play it on the piano, not accepting the offer . drink brought to her by Lord Samandani (and which angered the queen).

Lady Violet Bridgerton naturally makes her preference for the Marquis known, but her motherly eyes reveal that she knows her daughter Francesca is in love with Lord Kilmartin and that they manage to understand each other on a level that no other couple does. Just like it happened with his other children, he knows it.

The question is whether Francesca will really be brave enough to give her love one last push and marry Lord Kilmartin (as it happens in the book “The Heart of a Bridgerton”) and whether the queen will not show any opposition, as happened with Daphne and her lover in the first season.

4. Will Cressida take advantage of Penelope going out of her way to marry Lord Debling?

Cressida lives in a complicated situation since, as we have seen, she has very strict parents who ask her to find a good husband now or they will choose someone old to marry.

In this third season, Cressida set her sights on Lord Debling and used some of her tricks to get close to him, however it was obvious that he preferred Penelope, until Cressida put her intrigues and revealed to him in other words that Penelope was in Colin Bridgerton, in response to which Lord Debling decided not to propose because he was going to be spending too much time away from home and did not want to be with a woman “whose affections were already at stake”, since he certainly imagined that at some point she would be unfaithful.

Since this rudeness and Colin and Penelope’s engagement happened on the same night, we still don’t know how the different characters will react to this news. However, knowing Cressida a little better, we can guess that she will not take her finger out of line and try to get close to Lord Debling, now without any competition, and he could marry her out of spite, unless out of pride he decides to proceed with the 3 year journey I had already planned without having previously taken a wife.

5. Will Lady Bridgerton marry Marcus Sanderson or does he just want to play with her?

Violet Bridgerton is at a complicated time in her life, similar to retirement, because with the marriage of her first child to Kate Sharma, she must stop being the Viscountess, to leave these activities to her daughter-in-law, a role that he enjoys and in which he performs wonderfully. But not only is he to leave the “job” he has been doing for years, but he also has to leave his home and go to a widow’s home, which is what he is and what he is considered to be.

Violet tried to delay this moment, hiding behind the fact that she still has two married daughters, one of whom is “already on the way out.” For her part, Kate wants to extend her honeymoon and not think about the work she has to do as a viscountess, but sooner or later the time will come.

Watching her think about it, we see that the still Lady Bridgerton is a little afraid of loneliness and letting go of everything she’s built. Would this be her cruel fate or will a noble knight come to her rescue?

On the other hand, Marcus Sanderson, brother of Lady Danbury, is visiting town and is said to be planning to take a second wife and has already set his sights on Violet, but his sister seems to know him well as a man . who takes nothing seriously and objects to flirting with her.

Will Marcus succeed in making Violet fall into his trap, both looking for a better future by joining their loneliness? Or will the female instinct betray Marcus, proving Lady Danbury right? Whatever the analysis, we will see it in the next chapters of the series.

6. Who will get Featherington House?

The last two seasons have seen Lady Featherington’s efforts to keep her house and possessions, she even got her cousin Jack (who was supposed to own the property as there was no male in the family) to give the house to the first son Lady Featherington’s daughters, a situation disputed by Walter Douglas (responsible for the proper management of family assets in the kingdom).

Faced with the pressure of this new character, Lady Featherington focused her efforts in season 3 not only on getting Penelope a husband, but also on getting her other daughters, Prudence and Philipa, pregnant by husbands their.

In these few episodes of the first part, we saw how both Prudence and Philipa suffered from some typical pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting and chest pain, however, it has not yet been proven that they are actually pregnant.

Who will have achieved pregnancy? And if so, will they have a son? Will Walter Douglas transfer ownership to another relative? Or will it be Penelope who defeats them?

7. What will drive the queen against Lady Whistledown?

During the 3 seasons of the show, we have seen how Queen Charlotte struggles to discover the identity of Lady Whistledown and even asks Eloise and hires detectives to find her, since she is annoyed that he is criticized or ignored in his publications.

Season three is no exception, as the author manages to irritate the queen with her lines, but what will lead the queen to explode and make a drastic decision for the author to appear?

Perhaps the planned “match” between Francesca and the Marquis of Samandani failed, or a new publication that we will see in the second part of the third season, since in the trailers for this, we see that the queen even offers a reward to find Lady Whistledown. The question is: Will he get it?

The second part of the third season of “Brigerton” will arrive on Netflix on June 13, and you can not miss the resolution of these and other questions that the series left in our minds after the first installment.

Source: univision

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