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Open bisexual, MC Daniel’s sister criticizes prejudices and asks for respect for sexual orientation: ‘They think we are confused or that it is a phase’

MC Daniel’s sister, Alicia

Alicia Xsister of MC Daniele, came out as bisexual in January of this year. At the time, the former “A Fazenda” participant was facing a turbulent end to her relationship with Cauê Fantin, with whom she allegedly cheated on a close friend. This Friday (17), the date we celebrate International LGBTPHOBIA Daythe influencer published a post to talk about prejudice and asked for more bi visibility in the media.

Alicia X began by talking about the challenges faced due to prejudice against bisexuals“There are still many people who don’t believe bisexuality is real, or who think we’re just ‘confused’ or ‘in the phase.’ But the truth is that bisexuality is a sexual orientation like any other and deserves to be respected and made visible,” said the influencer.

Alicia X appeals to the media: “More bisexual representation”

All sexualities are legitimate and valid, but, sometimes being bisexual you may feel a little “in the middle” due to two useless and false stereotypes spread by society. For Alicia it’s a lack of understanding. “We are often portrayed as characters who are only attracted to one genre at a certain time or as people who are simply ‘experimenting’.”

Finally, Alicia points out that being bisexual or pansexual is not a “stepping stone” to being gay, as both are valid and entirely complete sexualities. On social media she launches an appeal: “This needs to change. We need more representation…

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