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ITA and Lufthansa will have to present new guarantees regarding the agreement

The proposals so far have been considered insufficient by the EU

Airlines ITA Airways and Lufthansa are expected to submit new proposals to try to get the European Union to approve their proposed merger.

Next week should be decisive in improving the package of commitments already presented to the European antitrust authority, according to sources close to the case.

Although the companies had already presented a series of measures and incentives, the plan was deemed insufficient. Without improvements, the German airline’s acquisition of a 41% stake in ITA Airways must be rejected.

The purpose of the guarantees is to eliminate possible competitive problems. So far the main proposals include the transfer of 11 pairs of airport slots at Milan-Linate airport to competitors such as low-cost Easyjet, and the freezing of the alliance for two years on international routes from Rome-Fiumicino to the United States and Canada , continuing to operate as competitors.

Airport slots are authorizations granted to the airline to use all the infrastructure necessary for its operation, between landings and take-offs, in large airports, during peak times.

The expectation is that the EU executive will make a decision by 4 July. .

Source: Terra

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