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Tomorrow Belongs To Us: What’s in store for Monday 20 May 2024 Episode 1689 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode Tomorrow Belongs To Us airs Monday night on TF1! If you’d rather not know, don’t read.

Monday 20 May Tomorrow belongs to us…

Reno will not survive the injury

After becoming uncomfortable with the complication, Reno was moved to intensive care. When Marianne insists that she have another operation, Aaron points out that she is still too weak to have one. In fact, he risks cardiac arrest.

At the police station, Martin is in contact with his Spanish colleagues. With no trace of Curtis, they decided to close the file. Martin informs Karim. They no longer have to find courses that they suspect are already far away.

At the hospital, Mariana goes to Reno’s bedside. Chloe comes to her mother’s support and encourages her to keep her hope. Then he suggests taking a break. But Mariana refuses to leave her husband.

Later, Marian meets Manon in the hallway. The latter apologizes for what happened, feels guilty for having caused this situation. Marianne explains to him that Reno just wanted to save William’s life.

At the same time, the latter informs Etienne in prison of the latest news. He also punishes responsibility for everything that happened. Unlike him, Manon forgives him. Etienne is touched. Before leaving, William assures Etienne that Benedict, Dorian, and Luna have escaped and are now out of danger.

In Spain, they are in a cafe. They get confirmation through the newspaper that Etienne has been arrested by the police. Benedict realizes that he sacrificed himself so they could escape. Dorian wants them to resume a sane life while they wait for him to return.

At the hospital, Aaron assesses Reno’s condition as stable enough to attempt a second operation. He has Mariana’s complete trust. However, moments before the action, Aaron is nervous. Victoire is there to comfort her.

Unfortunately, about an hour later, Aaron and Victoire come down the hall to tell Delcourt about Reno’s death…

Another of Bruno’s mistakes with Agnes

As Sylvain gets ready for work, he explains that he needs help repairing a client’s gate. Bruno immediately suggests. There, two men are resting and discussing the client in question, who is none other than Agnes, in rather derogatory terms, without realizing that she is listening to them. However, the latter marks his presence and puts them in an awkward position.

During their lunch break at Spoon, Sylvain and Bruno laugh about the coincidence. The latter thinks that he has no chance with Agnes. But Sylvain believes that nothing is lost.

Later, Agnes stops by the spoon and takes the opportunity to question the slave Bruno about what he does for a living. Mona says that she works everywhere, but finally solved her housing problems.

Are Jordan and Violet kissing?

In high school, Bastien convinces Lilu to join his association. He is worried about Violet, who believes that she has no chance of seducing him with such a project, considering Lilu to be a narcissistic and pretentious girl.

Later, Violet finds Jordan in the classroom to write the association’s constitution. One thing leads to another and they grow closer. As they are about to kiss, they are suddenly interrupted by Francois, who is interested in their project.

At the end of the day, Jordan stops by Violet’s house to return the things she forgot in class. He wants to stay, but Violet explains that he is with his brother. After closing the door, Charles joins her. She tells him that she loves Jordan very much.

While he’s on the beach, Jordan receives a voicemail from Violet, who thanks him for bringing the items. They talk like this for a few minutes and openly flirt. Charles surprises his sister with fun.

Source: Allocine

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