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Even Joaquin Phoenix fans forgot about this movie where he befriends a very, very shady guy

Joaquin Phoenix fans, you may have forgotten or never seen this rare film, hard to see but worth discovering: Clay Pigeons. Filmed two years before Gladiator and The Yard, opposite actor Vince Vaughn, with whom he had recently starred in Far From Heaven (1998).

A movie without “pretty boys”.

In Clay Pigeons, Phoenix plays Clay, the best friend of a young man, Earl’s girlfriend. The latter kills himself after learning this, leaving a trail for Clay to accuse, who instead decides to turn the scene into an accident. Then he meets Lester Long, who turns out to be a dangerous initiative to solve his new friend’s problems…

After years of clay pigeons, Phoenix can now negotiate for his talent… at a high price!

At first, Phoenix did not believe in combining humor and darkness in the same film, but was convinced by David Dobkin. A music video director – most notably for 2Pac’s album Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ.. – Dobkin signs his first feature film with the Clay Pigeons.

Vince Vaughn

After this first attempt, he continued with comedies, some with Vince Vaughn, Shanghai Kid II, Brother Christmas, Serial Noceurs, Standard Exchange and the drama The Judge, with Robert Downey Jr. In 2020, he directed the film Netflix Eurovision and clips. For the band Maroon 5.

If Joaquin Phoenix gets a little stolen from Vince Vaughn’s show, which is quickly becoming annoying, his unique look and his skin-deep acting continue to gain support. We sense the potential and restraint that heralds the careers that follow.

redundant anecdote

FYI, the title “The Clay Pigeon” is not to be confused with The Clay Pigeon in the French Le Pigeon d’Clay, Richard Fleischer’s film noir, the story of a sailor (Bill Williams) who is unfairly accused of betraying some. His fellow soldiers in captivity during the Pacific War. Ended at 1:08 Worth watching, all Fleischer movies.

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