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Marvel Proves Seinfeld’s Useless Iron Man Theory

Years after George Costanza and Jerry Seinfeld argued about what Tony Stark wears under his armor, Marvel finally solves the mystery

It may be that many of the readers reading this don’t even know who Jerry Seinfeld is. Although very successful, the series is very dated compared to the 90s and has its own humor based on very specific aspects of American behavior and culture. But behold, the wonder The comics bring the comedian out of ostracism to address a theory that no one cares about Iron Man and which has been widely debated in the attraction.

Seinfeld showed a lot of affection for superheroes, especially Superman, and during several debates with his friend George Constanza, he had a theory that became an accurate guess. The big question was worthy of idle people who spent all day talking with goosebumps in a diner: “What does Iron Man wear under his armor?”

In The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #48released in 2019, the plot sees Iron Man come to Squirrel Girl’s aid, and the inventor of the pengu├žo ended up losing his armor, leaving him ready to enjoy that delicious shame he loves to feel: while it’s child’s play, Tony doesn’t does it You don’t even notice that the people around are shocked by such indifference towards the ridiculous narcissistic underwear with several faces of his own face covering the genitals.

Iron Man embarrasses himself (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

Jerry and George argued about what Tony Stark wears under his Iron Man armor in season 9, in the second episode, called The voice. After a long discussion that no one cares about, Jerry bets that the inventor is wearing underwear, while George just can’t get a simple opinion out of his head.

No one may even care, but many Seinfeld fans may have even ovulated when they saw this reference.

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