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“Mad”, “crazy”, “an incredible ride”, “overwhelmed with emotions”: Jacques Audiard and Selena Gomez seduce critics at Cannes 2024 with Emilia Perez.

Selena Gomez with Jacques Audiard? An amazing association, and one that seems to create real sparks according to the film’s first return from the Croisette, where the film was presented in competition last night.

Three years after the Olympics, which was also featured in the competition, the director of A Prophet returns with this musical comedy called Emilia Perez.

Story ? Overqualified and overexploited, Rita uses her talents as a lawyer in the service of a large firm more bent on outlawing criminals than justice. But an unexpected exit door opens for her, helping the cartel leader, Manitas, to get out of business and implement a plan she’s been secretly working on for years: finally becoming the woman she’s always dreamed of.

Along with the American superstar, we also find Zoe Saldana and the revelation Carla Sofia Gascon.

A roundup of tweets about Emilia Peres

Finally my first palm in the #Cannes2024 competition. With #EmiliaPerez, Jacques Audiard offers the result. He knew how to combine thriller, melodrama and musical film with songs and choreographies that are as diverse as they are interesting. Also, thanks to the actors, we get emotional.

Emilia Perez is so crazy!!!! He was crazy. The story, the music, the staging… there are 15 ideas per minute. Zoe Saldana, Carla Sofia Gascon and Selena Gomez look amazing. It’s sometimes chaotic on the question of transcendence, but bingo.

I couldn’t believe it, but #emiliaperez is an incredible ride! A musical comedy-drama like no other – a delicious and touching surprise with its incredible storyline!

Pretty crazy #EmiliaPerez, Jacques Audiard’s musical comedy. Everything is visceral and melodramatic, grandiose and realistic, delicate and rough, part Almodovar, part Michael Mann. Destabilizing and exciting.

What really wins is #EmiliaPerez’s insane generosity, a film that almost breaks its face ten times, stands up eleven times without ever being afraid of anything. Certainly one of the strong films of this start of #Cannes2024

With #EmiliaPerez, Jacques Audiard signs his best film since Un Prophète. A resounding success that combines thriller and musical comedy with virtuosic staging that highlights the amazing performances of Zoe Saldana and Carla Sofia Gascon.

Oh this is crazy #EmiliaPerez! The dialogues are sometimes abysmal, some of the sounds are disastrous, and the thriller is not crazy, but the energy of the direction carries you and the Saldana-Gomez-Gascon trio is excellent. Both brilliant and funny.

Emilia Perez will hit theaters on August 28, 2024. Note that the film is scheduled to be screened in the coming days as part of the Cannes revival program on the Pathé and Mk2 networks.

Source: Allocine

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