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5 reasons to watch “Why Women Kill”, a Prime Video series

If you’re looking for a recommended series among Prime Video’s hot spots, you’ll definitely love the irreverent one.”Why women kill”. An excellent suggestion for those who love a gripping plot, with a crime of passion and behavioral analysis.

Why women kill they bring suburban tragedies to the stage with an acidity and sarcasm that fascinate the audience. Without a shadow of a doubt, there is no shortage of reasons to watch this production, but we have selected a few to convince you, take a look!

5 reasons to watch “Why Women Kill”

1-The same creator of Desperate Housewives

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YES! Why women kill is from the same creator of Desperate Housewiver (2004-2012), Marc Cherry. In addition to being a great success, the series received a Brazilian adaptation on RedeTV in collaboration with Disney.

Desperate Housewiver captivated audiences by showing the universe of housewives, each with their own unique stories and afflictions. Those who have seen it can expect the same narrative finesse from the author in Why Women Kill.

Thus, as in “Desperate”, Marc’s new series also has a narrator, but here he is not omnipresent, but occasional. Cherry also creates that mix of drama and humor that makes situations more irreverent and unusual.

2- Analysis of social behavior

Scene from the series Why women kill
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The series considers an analysis of evolution or lack thereof in social behavior, posing such questions to the audience in a subtle way. This is why the series tells three stories in completely different times.

These are weddings that occurred in the 60s, 80s and today. There is therefore a social issue that changes over time. While the plots are somewhat exaggerated, there is a basis in real arcs of adultery and social differences.

3 star cast

3 protagonists of Why Women Kill
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Throughout the chronology of the series, you will be surprised by the appearance of a first-class female cast: Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kirby Howell-Baptiste.

The three play different characters at different times, but lived in the same house. In other words, the three are the protagonists of the plot.

4- Breathtaking plot

Scene from Why Women Kill
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Why women kill It is a plot fragmented into three chronologies. The first is lived in the 1960s by Beth Ann Stanton (Ginnifer Goodwin) and her husband Rob (Sam Jaeger).

The couple moved to Pasadena, a suburb of Los Angeles, due to her husband’s professional advancement. However, we immediately notice Beth’s submissive position and her veneration for Rob, who is a toxic and unfaithful husband. Soon Beth discovers her infidelity and the story unfolds with surprising events.

In the second story, the inhabitants of the house live in 1984, where Simone Grove (Lucy Liu) is the protagonist of the plot and lives as a useless socialite. However, she sees her castle of appearances change with the discovery that her husband is gay.

In the third plot, the house is occupied by a completely modern couple, lawyer Taylor Harding (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) and screenwriter Eli (Reid Scott). The story, set in 2019, shows the fatal outcome of an open marriage.

5-Scenes and costumes faithful to each era

scene from Why Women Kill
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With an intentional aesthetic, each scene fulfills the purpose of differentiating each era.

Furthermore, both the clothing and the elements that make up each scene reveal what the fashion and costumes were according to the era, but all with many bright and exaggerated colors.

From the gym clothes used in the 80s, to the flashy hairstyles of the 60s. Furthermore, when the same house enters the scene today, more precisely in 2019, the context reveals that the characters are strengthening the house, including modern environments such as a . hot tub, for example.

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