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Tonight with the Family: Made 24 years ago, this movie is one of the funniest to come out of Pixar

From 6 years

Months have passed since Buzz Lightyear joined Andy’s toy box and the whole family has moved in. As a young boy prepares to leave for summer camp, he accidentally twists the arm of Woody, whom he was about to take with him, and is forced to leave him at home.

After an unfortunate confluence of circumstances, a cowboy is kidnapped by a greedy collector who plans to sell him to a museum on the other side of the world. But upon arriving at the criminal’s apartment, Woody meets a whole new family.

  • Tonight With The Family: 25 years ago, this now-somewhat-forgotten film already established Pixar as a major studio

Continued 5 years later

5 years after the story of the first toys (which also represents the first feature film in their filmography), the artists of the Pixar studio offer us a new journey with the beloved toys.

Originally envisioned as a low-budget sequel (designed by Disney executives to go direct-to-video), the project was quickly picked up by Pixar’s founders, who wanted their mascots to have the rights to a sequel worthy of the name.

If the new Toy Story doesn’t enjoy the same surprise effect as its predecessor, the film can still rely on other key assets. Indeed, the delightful dynamic that was established between the characters during the first opus is now perfectly established, and therefore the directors of the feature film can explore new territories.

More fun than ever

Incorporating new themes of childhood and the state of toys, Toy Story 2 also expands on a treasure trove of comic ingenuity. Funnier than ever, Andy’s best friends brilliantly enter the territory of parody, offering a caricature (with talent and respect) of movie monuments like Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey or even Jurassic Park.

For these many reasons, Toy Story 2 is still (and always will be) top-notch entertainment to (re)discover with the family if you’re looking for a good evening on Disney+.

What will you like…

  • An intro to the movie where Buzz Lightyear leads a dangerous mission into space that actually matches the level of a video game.
  • All the secondary characters are funny as always, and especially the new ones like Jessie, Pyle Poil or Barbie.

What can impress them…

  • The nightmare that Woody has at the beginning of the film.
  • Emperor Tsurg in the end, even if Baz’s sworn enemy ends up being more funny than evil.

(Re)discover all the hidden details of the movie…

Source: Allocine

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