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“There are a bunch of Easter eggs!” : Did you notice all the hidden details of Jim Parsons’ return to Young Sheldon?

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains major details about the ending of “Young Sheldon”.

It all started and ended with a big bang. The Young Sheldon finale, which aired on Thursday 16 May on CBS in the US, marked the return of Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik as doctors Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler. Then we learn that Sheldon was actually writing his memoirs all along—hence the role Jim Parsons as a narrator and periodic interjections Mayim Bialik Over the course of 141 episodes of the prequel sitcom.

In the episode, we find Sheldon and Amy in a room we don’t know: Sheldon’s office in their new home. While the latter is writing, Amy insists on coming to watch their son Leonard’s hockey game (a name we discovered in the first episode of Season 4. Young Sheldon) – who plays for the Pasadena Penguins, which also tells us that Sheldon and Amy haven’t moved too far from their old apartment in the years since The Big Bang Theory ended.

They also have a daughter, whose name is not known, but we know she has something in common with Penny…”“Your daughter wants to take acting classes.”Amy tells her husband, to which the latter replies:I told you that Penny’s children should never be allowed to watch.

When asked by TVLine not to reveal the name of Sheldon and Amy’s daughter, Jim Parsons replied: “You know, we’ve talked about it, but there’s a point where it starts a deluge of easter eggs. We already said Leonard’s name, and it’s like if you had to say a girl’s name, it would be weird if it was just Sally, you know? There had to be something.

He continued: “We like the fact that there are a bunch of easter eggs on set that we don’t draw attention to and hopefully people don’t get distracted enough to overlook the scene. You can go back and look again, freeze the image later and see what you find.

A dozen hidden easter eggs

fans The big bang theory Perhaps a dozen Easter eggs were spotted in Sheldon’s office – including Sheldon’s Nobel Prize, a framed photo of the couple in Stockholm, a DNA model, a flash mug, a Rubik’s Cube coaster… and the couch in apartment 4A that Sheldon and Leonard shared for so many years! And many others!

The couch, we thought that if it was emphasized too much, people would say, “It’s a couch!” And no one will pay attention to what is happening. We tried to be very careful where we put things and keep them in the background,“- said the actor.

We have to count how many easter eggs there are and see who found them all because there are a bunch ofexecutive producer Steve Holland told TVLine. “There’s a painting of boxing robots hanging in the living room, a Gollum statue of Sheldon on his desk… there’s a small MythBusters figurine of Adam Savage that was on his bookshelf in The Big Bang Theory…

There are some that I don’t even know if they were filmed or not– continued the producer. “In one episode, Sheldon says he has a collection of Justice League backpacks and they hang on the wall in the corner of his office. There’s a framed magazine cover with Jimmy’s face from his Caltech office, his Ph.D.’s on the wall… There’s also a young Sheldon easter egg: his train up on the wall, above the door frame. A photo of the Cooper family in the background and a photo of Sheldon and his father in focus.

The biggest easter egg is reserved for the final scene of the series. Upon arriving at Caltech, Sheldon (Iain Armitage) is approached by a professor who asks if he is missing. He is played by none other than UCLA Professor David Salzberg, an experimental particle physicist who has been working as a scientific consultant. The big bang theory and Young Sheldon For 18 years, since first being hired for the pilot episode of TBBT in 2006.

Is the group of friends still that close?

As for now that Sheldon and Amy seem to have a place of their own, from their original group of friends The big bang theory remained united Jim Parsons has his own opinion on this topic.

I think so. I think they are still close and friends. It was important for us, at one point, to create an overview of the house they were in because we wanted to make sure people didn’t think they were still in the apartment. It doesn’t look exactly the same, but it doesn’t look so different that you don’t look at it and think it’s just a Big Bang Theory set. It was important for us to let people know that they have a home. They grew up, they moved out of the apartment, and we think there’s a lot of stuff in Sheldon’s office that was Amy, like, “Well, you can put this in your office. It doesn’t fit in the rest of the house, but it might work in your office.’

the final of Young Sheldon aired on Thursday 16 May 2024, exactly five years after its main series ended on Thursday 16 May 2019, the fact that Jim Parsons He didn’t even understand!

I don’t think I actually realized that it was exactly the same date – that it was Thursday and fell on the same day again. Yes, that sounds perfect to me!

The first 5 seasons of Young Sheldon are available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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