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Tonight on TV: A few frames are enough to revive the spirit of the greatest Westerns… and James Caan is fantastic!

Watching a good old western never hurts. Even better, it can keep you happy for a while! So why not enjoy this Sunday evening with a high-quality one, curled up on the sofa? Good news: a little gem of the genre, little known but of high quality, is running on Arte!

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A great Western that Arte suggests is Breath of the Storm by Alan J. Pakula. It was released in French cinemas in 1979 and immersed the audience in the post-World War II period.

Ella Connors (Jane Fonda), the owner of a ranch in the west, is harassed by the rich J.W. Ewing (Jason Robards), who has designs on his land. A young woman in debt had to sell the plot of land to two demobilized soldiers, one of whom soon died in a skirmish with Ewing’s men. The other, Frank Atharn (James Caan), escapes injury and shelters Ella…

We didn’t expect it at all Alan J. Pakula At the head of the Western. However, it is a challenge that the filmmaker takes on in the footsteps of the President’s Men, accompanied by Gordon Willis, the famous cinematographer of the first two installments of The Godfather. And he does it successfully and in an original way.

A melancholic western magnified by James Caan

Breath of the Storm, revives the spirit of the greatest films of the genre in a few frames. Melancholic, which focuses on the story of the daily life of cowboys in an unusual period (after the Second World War) with an approach that is almost documentary at times, a film endowed with real personalities, also gives the opportunity to enjoy excellent acting performances, including. wonderful James Caan.

A beautifully crafted western starring legendary actors, Breath of the Storm Will it come into your living room? We just want to…

Tonight on Arte at 9 o’clock.

Source: Allocine

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