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The Abyss: the ending of the film explained

Directed by Richard Holm, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Robin Sherlock Holm, the film The Abyss has been a huge success since its debut on Netflix. The story, based on a real case that happened in the city of Kiruna in May 2020.

In the production, Frigga (Tuva Novotny), a safety officer at the Kiirunavaara mine, finds herself fighting for the lives of her loved ones when the town begins to sink due to a geological fault. Did you look at it but didn’t understand? Let’s explain better what happened at the end of The Abyss.

What happened at the end of The Abyss?

Chaos ensues, and despite Frigga warning Mika (Felicia Truedsson) and Dabir (Kardo Razzazi) of the mine’s collapse, the two still decide to return to save Aila (Tintin Poggats Sarri) and her grandmother.

During Kiruna’s collapse, Mika is saved by Dabir just before being swallowed up by the earth, and Frigga and Tage (Peter Franzen) join forces to find Simon (Edvin Ryding), Frigga’s youngest son, and warn the citizens of the disaster. Despite their efforts, Aila meets her tragic end when the city center collapses, however Mika, Tage and Dabir manage to escape.

Mika, in shock, tries to deal with the loss of his girlfriend Aila, while Frigga examines the body of a young teenager who was believed to be Simon, but was not him, as we saw him at the beginning of the film. Frigga finds out from a girl that Simon intended to celebrate his birthday by playing video games at school, while Tage and Dabir argue because Tage thought it wise to steal the ring with which Dabir intended to propose to Frigga, perhaps thinking that without a ring he wouldn’t would there be any request?

Film: The Abyss Image: Disclosure / Netflix

His intention was to prevent Frigga and Dabir from uniting and continuing to fight for his family, but of course Dabir wasn’t going to let that happen. Frigga separates the two and the group heads towards the school, where much of the structure has succumbed to the disaster. They find a young man in shock from the events in front of the institute’s door and a dead girl under some rubble.

The only way to get to the computer room, where Simon should be, is through the vent. Mika is desperate to find her brother, fearing losing another person, and tries to enter through the air vent, but Frigga stops her for the same reason. Frigga and Tage have a brief heartbreaking conversation about their situation, but a brief jolt spurs them into action. Dabir tries to tell Frigga to get out of there, but she throws herself into an entrance and manages to get to the other side, where there are more dead young people.

Frigga finally manages to find Simon, who is on a level underground where a hole has opened. Tina (Lina Brännström), her colleague, is pierced by a metal rod. Dabir, Tage and Mika manage to open a passage through the rubble and, in a fit of conscience, Tage returns Dabir’s engagement ring. The three join Frigga, but Tina, who has already lost a lot of blood, and probably damaged an internal organ due to the rod that pierced her, cannot resist and dies right there.

The rope they were using can’t hold two people, so they use a fire hose tied to Frigga to try to save Simon before the rest of the hole collapses. Frigga gets stuck in the hole and tries to swing herself to the corner where Simon is, but she ends up hitting some irons that were there, which pierce her leg, going through her from side to side and trapping her there. Frigga is very weak from her blood and pain and she is struggling to stay conscious.

She and Simon have a little conversation while Simon tries to keep his mother awake, Frigga doesn’t want to go back to her old life, and Simon wants things exactly the way they were before, but in the end they both just want each other’s happiness. .

The structure where Frigga’s prison is located is collapsing and Simon springs into action. He jumps into a vending machine held by a wire hanging between him and Frigga and manages to get close to her mother to help her free herself from her iron.

Mika and Dabir Film: The Image of the Abyss: Disclosure / Netflix

Mika, without much thought, jumps into the hole where Simon and Frigga are, and uses her own belt to cut off the circulation in Frigga’s leg to prevent bleeding. Mika and Simon push Frigga and manage to free her from the iron that was holding her.

Now free, they can tie themselves to the pipe and one by one get out of there, but after Simon manages to get out safely, the floor begins to collapse again and Mika and Frigga jump onto the suspended car, which threatens to fall. at any time since it is only held together by a thread.

Tage runs to hold the wire of the machine which almost falls with both of them, but due to a short circuit in the other machine which he is using as a support to hold the wire, he is electrocuted, since if he lets go of the machine in front of Frigga If it were tied to the fire hose, he would probably not be able to hold on and would fall into the abyss and meet his end.

It was his last heroic act on behalf of his family. It is in the last moments of his life that the firefighters reach the group to rescue them.
At the end of The Abyss, we see Tage’s body being carried away by rescuers, but it is covered, making it clear that he did not survive Dabir and other firefighters’ attempts to resuscitate his body.

Frigga is saved and taken to receive the necessary treatment for her leg while she, Mika and Simon are left in shock over the recent loss of Tange and the whole traumatic situation they have been through, but there is a small attempt at a smile in Frigga when at the end of everything he finds Dabir’s gaze.

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