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“Minions 2” becomes the highest-grossing animation of the pandemic


It took “Minions 2: Rise of Gru” just three days to become the highest-grossing animation of the entire period of the North American pandemic.

Universal’s production grossed $ 108 million over its opening weekend in the US and Canada. And since Monday is a public holiday in the United States – Independence Day – market projections suggest it will hit $ 127.9 million in the first four days.

Ironically, “Lightyear” (at number 6) had surpassed “Encanto” this weekend, hitting $ 105.3 million in 18 days in the US market. But instead of scoring a new lead, this figure now represents the second-largest animation revenue during the Covid-19 contamination in North America. “Minions 2” reached that total in three days.

Surprisingly, the fifth film in the Despicable Me series offered a successful pre-pandemic performance. Its ticket sales nearly matched its predecessor, “Minions,” which in 2015 opened for $ 115 million in three days.

Additionally, the screening for the four days is an all-time record: the largest opening of Independence Day, surpassing the blockbuster “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, which grossed $ 115.9 million in four days. in 2011.

The success was worldwide. Released in 61 other countries, it grossed $ 93.7 million overseas and recorded the largest pandemic-era animation debut in 52 of those territories. It went even further to Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Venezuela, where it had the largest animation opening in history.

As a result, the film has now surpassed $ 200 million at the worldwide box office, compared to “Lighyear “‘s $ 187.5 million but still below” Enchantment “‘s $ 256.2 million in the global market.

Outside the US and Canada, “Minions 2” had its highest grossing in the UK and Ireland ($ 12.9 million), followed by Mexico ($ 12.4 million), Germany ( $ 4.8 million), Spain ($ 3.6 million), Indonesia ($ 3.4 million). ), Argentina ($ 3.3 million) and Brazil ($ 3.2 million).

The public awarded the film an “A” CinemaScore, the result of the exit polls of US cinemas. But American critics weren’t so enthusiastic, scoring 68% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In second place in the United States, “Top Gun: Maverick” is down just 14% from the previous week, grossing $ 25.5 million in its sixth weekend in theaters. By bank holiday Monday, ticket sales are expected to reach $ 32.5 million.

The national gross box office total for Paramount’s production is $ 570 million, the highest grossing of the year in North America. Worldwide, the score is $ 1.11 billion, also the highest in 2022.

Last weekend’s leader, “Elvis,” dropped to # 3, grossing $ 19 million over the weekend. So far, Warner Bros. has grossed $ 67 million in North America and $ 113 million globally, though it has not yet debuted in many countries. The launch in Brazil is scheduled for July 14.

In a state of grace, Universal also took 4th and 5th places on the charts, with “Jurassic World: Dominion” and “The Black Phone”, giving the studio three rare spots in the top five films of the weekend in the States. United. .

The sixth installment in the “Jurassic” series grossed $ 15.6 million and, after four weeks, grossed $ 335.3 million at the national box office, with a whopping $ 824.5 million worldwide.

Closing the Top 5, horror “The Black Telephone” grossed $ 12.3 million and, after two weekends, totaled $ 49.7 million in North America and $ 74.4 million globally.

Still unreleased in Brazil, Scott Derrickson’s film (director of “Doctor Estranho”) will be released on July 21 in Brazil.

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