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“Bridgerton 3”: Did Netflix ruin the romance of “Polin”? Differences and similarities between the series and the book

After the premiere of the third season of “Brigerton”, there was no shortage of comparisons between Julia Quinn’s book and the Netflix series that brought it to the small screen.

It was known from the beginning that by focusing the love story on Colin and Penelope, the TV adaptation would change the chronological order of the novels (the third installment was to be Benedict’s), but what other changes were made?

‘Brigerton season 3’: changes the order made in the book

Warning: Many spoilers for the third season of “Bridgerton” and the book “Seducing Mr. Bridgerton” will be revealed below.

Penelope and Colin’s age

In the book, Penelope is 28 and Colin is 33 when their romance begins. However, in the series, both characters are considerably younger, closer to their twenties.

As in the series, the author of Lady Whistledown already considers herself a spinster without the ability to find a husband, however, in the book, this feeling is exacerbated by her age.

Furthermore, Penelope and Colin’s story spans up to 12 years, during which they were friends, while in the series it was only 3 years from the time we met them until the spark of love between the two emerged.

Eloise and Penelope’s Secret as Lady Whistledown

In the series, Eloise Bridgerton is the first to discover the identity of the author of the town’s gossip newsletter (she has known this since the second season). In the books, the mystery of the author behind the Lady Whistledown pen name was kept under wraps until the fourth book, and Colin is the first to reveal her identity.

Eloise and Cressida’s friendship

Since in the books Penelope’s best friend doesn’t find out about her secret job, at no point does she stop being close to Eloise. For the same reason, the relationship between Eloise and Cressida that we saw in the third season of “Bridgerton” does not exist in Julia Quinn’s novels.

Benedict Bridgerton is already married in the books

In the books, the second of the brothers is already married at this point in the story, while in “Brigerton 3” we see him still single and with no intention of looking for a young lady at court, but more than open to an affair. with a more experienced woman (Lady Tilley Arnold is not in the books, by the way).

Netflix invented some romantic interests

The ‘Brigerton’ series includes characters that are not part of the novel. One of the most notable is Lord Debling, who seems to be the ideal suitor for Penelope and was on the verge of proposing to her. The character played by Sam Phillips is not part of what Julia Quinn is narrating.

The same goes for Lord Marcus Anderson, Lady Danbury’s brother, who catches the eye of Violet Bridgerton.

A Featherington sister who does not appear in the Netflix series

On the other hand, the Netflix adaptation left out a character who in the books is central to “Polin’s” love story: Felicity, the youngest of the Featheringtons, who is one of the first to realize her budding romance with Colin.

‘Brigerton season 3’: details the Netflix series kept from the book

Where the Netflix series stayed truest to the original story was in the romantic moments of “Polin.”

Penelope and Colin’s first kiss

This first gesture between the protagonists happens almost the same way in Julia Quinn’s books. In a moment of despair that she will never find a husband, Pen asks Colin to kiss her. Although, as previously mentioned, in the books, the author of Lady Whistledown lusted after her friend for more years.

The carriage scene

Netflix changed the events surrounding that first romantic encounter between the leads (in the book, it happens once he finds out she’s Lady Whistledown), but kept the gist of it: it’s the first time they’re intimate, Colin tells her. his love and asks her to marry him.

The marriage proposal

The dialogue in which Colin asks Penelope if she wants to marry him remained largely intact between the book and the series.

It will be a matter of time before audiences find out if the second part of the third season of “Bridgerton,” which premieres June 13, makes even more changes to the book.

Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed the latest installment of the Netflix series and how you think it will end.

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