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Eloise Bridgerton and her strange love story in books: her romance begins with a tragedy

“Bridgerton” season three sees Eloise and Penelope Featherington estranged after the more rebellious of the Bridgerton family discover Lady Whistledown’s true identity and feel betrayed.

In the new chapters, Eloise is seen spending time with Cressida, a woman who wants to get a husband at all costs and who in the process seeks to “demean” Penelope, whom she dislikes. While there’s currently no indication that the Bridgertons’ second-oldest daughter has any intentions of getting married, it turns out that her husband-to-be has already appeared on the show.

It is important to know that there will be spoilers for the following books.

As usual, the series and the books show some differences, especially in Eloise’s romantic story. In the second season, Eloise appears to be in a relationship with a young worker named Theo, who only exists in the Netlix story.

Despite the inevitable attraction, Eloise drifts away from him due to their class differences. So far in the third season, the character in question has not appeared, which could indicate that he has been left out of the series.

Who is Phillip Crane and how is he connected to Marina Thompson and Eloise Bridgerton?

According to Julia Quinn’s books, in the fifth volume entitled ‘To Sir Phillip, With Love’, where Eloise is the protagonist, it is confirmed that despite being a proud ‘spinster’ at 28, she ends up falling in love with Phillip Crane .

A notable aspect is that this character, before becoming involved with Eloise, marries Marina Thompson, who in turn is sent to live with her cousins, the Featheringtons, after a scandalous “illness”, i.e. a pregnancy out of wedlock. a soldier named George Crane, who sadly died in battle;

In reality, Marina and her relatives hatch a plan to arrange a hasty marriage to Colin Bridgerton, but when her pregnancy is revealed by Lady Whistledown, everything falls apart and Marina is paired with Phillip Crane, George’s brother.

In “Brigerton 3”, Marina has not appeared so far, but in the fifth book of the saga it is confirmed that she dies after eight years of marriage to Phillip, after a fever caused by a failed suicide attempt.

How does Eloise Bridgerton fall in love with Sir Phillip, according to the books?

After this event, in the literary work Eloise Bridgerton mourns his death in letters to Phillip, which lays the foundation for their romance, since this is how they begin to interact, writing to each other.

The discussions become so heated that Phillip proposes to Eloise so that she can serve as a mother to the twins he had with Marina. After receiving this proposal, Eloise leaves London to meet him in person, without telling him or her mother, much to his surprise.

In fact, arriving home, Eloise finds herself soaking wet and unaccompanied, which doesn’t make for the best first impression. But she is surprised to learn that Philip has children, who play pranks on her practically from the first moment she enters the house, while she tries to take care of them as best she can.

In the early days of their life together, Eloise begins to fall in love with Phillip, who still wistfully remembers his late wife Marina. Afterwards, the Bridgerton brothers search for her and realize she’s been spending time unsupervised, so they insist they absolutely must get married.

Naturally, she is furious and lashes out at Sir Philip, blaming him for her condition. However, the couple realizes that their union is not one of convenience, but of love. Thus, their marriage prospers and they have three children: Penelope Crane, whose name is inspired by her best friend, Georgina Crane, and Frederick Crane.

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