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Kevin Costner came to Cannes 2024 in tears, his western “Horizon” divided: major Dune-style epic or TV series prologue?

Emotion swept over Kevin Costner this week in Cannes, and his Horizon – at least the first part of his Western epic – was announced without competition to festival goers. The actor-director-screenwriter-producer was moved to tears amid the beautiful six-minute ovation of the audience on the Croisette.

“Thank you Kan, thank you for having me”The actor let the audience at the Lumiere Grand Theater go. “There was no reason for this. This is another miracle in my life. Thank you for giving me your precious time, I hope it was worth it”. before assigning them to three other films.

Because Horizon is a saga, an epic that tells several stories in parallel (settlers, soldiers, Apaches, cowboys…), a large number of female characters, a harsh and hostile world, death, but also the hope of finding and building a better life. The proposal, a hybrid between a Western on the big screen (in terms of scenery and duration, 3 hours) and a TV series (in terms of narrative), was not confusing.

Here is the first hot review for the film, which is expected to hit French screens on July 3rd. The sequel will be released in the fall… and the remaining two parts remain to be filmed.

First reviews of “Horizon”.

  • Le Figaro“It’s all there, action and feeling in XXL size. We want more. Yeah, the good old days are back!”
  • Პirveli“Chapter One of Kevin Costner’s giant western feels like an entire TV season crammed into three hours. Very uneven, but still a blast.”
  • Telerama“The picture is great, the scale is there, but it’s slow!”
  • The whole movie -“Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 is an exciting adventure in Kevin Costner’s Wild West.
  • varietyThe first part of Kevin Costner’s epic western reads like a prologue to a sprawling, but barely-there, television series.
  • The Hollywood Reporter “Kevin Costner Gets Thrown from Horse in Western Epic.”

A review of the “Horizon” tweet

Kevin Costner gives his all to Dune, the Western epic is incredible. Two chapters in 2024 and more to follow. I like it. In addition, Chapters 1 and 2 are said to have a combined production budget of $100 million, which is “low” in today’s filmmaking. I hope #Horizon succeeds.

Horizon is a grand sweeping epic about the birth of America, told with old-fashioned Hollywood elegance and spectacle. This proves once again that Kevin Costner is a master of the genre. I watched chapter 2 right away.

Pleasantly surprised by #Horizon , Kevin Costner delivers a classic western with a spectacular first hour. The episodic nature of the project itself (seemingly 3 or 4 films) and soapy tendencies make the sequel a bit uneven, but quite enjoyable.

Some frustration with Kevin Costner’s #Horizon , a Civil War epic with a beautifully shot but rather confusing plot. Costner captures the small details of the period well with a stellar cast. The first episode seems like an introduction.

Kevin Costner’s #Horizon… good. It’s actually “Part I”, which starts with “Part I” in the title and ends with the “Continued” trailer. There’s a lot of setup here, to the point where the film feels more like an introduction to the whole thing than a story. (…) #Horizon also confirms Kevin Costner as one of the great poets of the American experience, a true champion of the American dream. Mirroring “Waterworld” and “The Postman,” the central idea of ​​”Horizon” is the idea that America is constantly on fire and on fire – but it will rebuild itself.

Source: Allocine

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