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Tonight on TV: A movie that dares to do anything, but doesn’t forget to be great!

Want to start your week with a edgy comedy that dares to do anything? So tune in this Monday night on France 3 to discover The Origin of the Universe, Laurent Lafitte’s hilarious debut!

Released in cinemas in 2021, The origin of the universe tells the story of Jean-Louis (Lafitte), who on returning home realizes that his heart has stopped. No thump in the chest, no pulse, nothing. However, he is conscious, talking, moving. is he still alive is he already dead Neither his veterinarian friend Michelle nor his wife Valerie could find an explanation for this strange phenomenon.

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While Jean-Louis panics, Valérie turns to Margot, her life coach, a bit of a guru, not quite a marabout, but very connected to the occult. And he has a solution that will confront Jean-Louis with the ultimate taboo…

with The origin of the universeAdaptation of the play by Sebastian Thierry, Laurent Lafitte It goes far, very far. His film, which gleefully breaks taboos, is a celebration of black humor and irreverence, an absurd and bitter farce that stands out in the landscape of French cinema. Daring, provocative and surreal, this comedy won’t appeal to everyone, but we can only be happy to see such aliens in theaters.

With this hilariously original film, Laurent Lafitte He wanted to make a drama that would make you laugh. “Even if comic scenes are designed to make the laughs as effective as possible, they are always stronger with a dramatic starting point”says the actor and director. “It’s a bit of a rule of thumb: Throat cancer makes for more comical situations than angina. I’ve always tried to be careful about lowering the slider: whenever I felt the comedy was a little too much, whether it was in the writing or the directing. And especially in the acting, I’d make it ‘come down.’ ..”

If The origin of the universe It’s such a success, ultimately thanks to its cast, all of whom are pitch-perfect. Next to Laurent LafitteWe find Vincent McCain, Karin Viard, Ellen Vincent and Nicole Garcia clearly thriving in this completely insane comedy. Dare to spend the evening in their company, you will definitely have a conversation at the coffee machine (or elsewhere)!

Tonight on France 3 at 21:10.

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